This is an amazing idea

Not affiliated with op in anyway.

This guy put together a very well thought out and interesting idea to revamp pve in this game and it desperately needs it. I just want his idea to be seen by more eyes. Please give it a quick look and if you like it take it to the overlords.

Nice idea(s), but NS exclusive? That would be giving even more gameplay to the group who already enjoys the most options in EVE. Perhaps I read it wrong, but I would like to see ideas concerning LS and HS as well. That CCP has dropped the ball for FW fo such a long time is a mystery; it would be the perfect introduction and learning ground for PvP. I’m supportive of new PvE mechanics and options, but let’s shore up the underserved and less wealthy ( in game) sections first.

I like the idea as a blanket replacement to all known space anomalies excluding or at least to a lesser degree high sec. Faction war is whole different monster though. I do agree that it needs a major overhaul but this particular idea in my opinion isn’t meant to address that.

Except that if you did some searching , you would have discovered:

I belive you , goons only have 1 account with 1 character .

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As already highlighted, there is already a thread on this topic, therefore, this has been closed