New Sov Idea

Instead of current sov mechanics, what about:

1 Titan and 1 Super max per system, if there is already one you wont be able to cyno in, they can’t take gates anymore and they are restricted to nullsec and they don’t disappear in space when the pilot is logged off but they stay tethered to the citadel and are impossible to bump out (only for these not subcaps xD).

The system sov belong’s to the alliance owner of the Titan staged in it, if that titan dies or cynos out the sov is lost and if it jumps to a new system they gain that sov instead.

The Titan’s Command bursts are system wide to give a nice defensive advantage.

The super gets all the system upgrade’s and buffs up the system that it is staged in including a high slot cyno jammer active module.

The hope behind these change’s is to not make Titans/Supers the BEST in game weapon but rather Utility ship’s so that massive alliances don’t build 1000 of them and win eve with an economic victory.

Capturing sov won’t be boring becuase you would be killing Titan’s / Super’s while doing it.

  • I think this could work.
  • I like the idea of killing titans instead of Ihubs.
  • I prefer the current mechanics.
  • I would prefer something Different.

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If there are multiple Titan’s / Super’s in a system as the change hit’s then only 1 Titan and 1 Super can be tethered and those become the Primaries all others need to be moved out of the system to a new system.



what he said

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Was just a crazy idea bro, who knows.

So you propose to change Sov mechanic to: grind ALL Upwel structures in a system in order to have a chance to capture it…

Not sure if thats a good idea. Structure spam will only intensify.

Good point, didn’t consider structure spam.

yeah I mean why bother to look at eves history when sov was already determined by who held the most structures in one system to see what happened before posting an idea

Goons have well over 1000 titans and just a few fewer supers. So they just drop a structure in 2000 systems and then that’s it?

The idea is to spark conversation around it and find solution’s as a community, but yea structure spam is retarded and should be limited in some way.

You do realize that not everything has to be 100% perfect before mentioning :joy:

No but you should again at least make sure it’s not an idea that has already failed. Each crap idea just helps to bury a good one.

Want to fix sov then remove it. You want to own space? Then just say you do. System upgrades become fully tired to upwell structures with a variety of anchoring and onlineing timers based on use

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