An idea to counter super proliferation

This article on INN highlights some probable problems causing null stagnation. In this vein, I was hoping to start discourse on the subject with a broader audience. Here was my initial suggestion, curious as to the thoughts of the community:

How about we add another ship that specifically targets and weakens supercapitals while being vulnerable to specific (smaller) subcaps?

‘‘Stealth Bombers obviously, Sus’’ you say. Bombers in their current iteration are insufficient for destroying supercaps in a setting of umbrellas and FAX support. You need at least 50 (likely a lot more) to kill a supercap before it cynos in a FAX fleet and this is not probable for small null groups. One such idea would be to make bombers stronger against supers, and supers specifically. Maybe a specific bomb type that does damage against supers alone.

This may perhaps reduce the amount of supers available (death to supers!) and thus solving a key problem of null sov: you need supers to keep sov, and need sov to make supers.

The systems are in place, just too weak at the moment.



Basing a premise on a propaganda rag is why the UK is shafted now, just sayin


Understandable concern. I don’t think you can reduce the enormity of Brexit into a simple statement such as that. But I’d rather we avoid RL politics. Did you read the article?

Why would you read it? To give Mittani more ad income? The only solution to the problem is to delete Supers, Titans and Rorqus from EVE.

Oh, and just as a nitpick: 50 bombers are not nearly enough to destroy a super in time. You need well over 150.

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How well do you think that would go over, realistically? Is that something CCP would ever do? No. Can you offer a constructive option?

Hilmar and Falcon are flailing like hurt animals right now. I would not be surprised if they did it. There is no other constructive option. CCP has completely disregarded the design goals and limitations for supers and titans when they were first introduced in favor of pushing everyone and their dead dog into them because they are so awesome and generate so amazing press, and by allowing them to be built in unprecedented numbers per month. There is no constructive way to deal with them except for removing them completely and reintroducing them again at a later date.

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Here’s an example of your argument "gun violence is a problem in America. They just need to take away everyone’s guns.’’ If only it were that simple…

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No, as pointed out above I have no wish to look at propaganda, thanks.

Drifter Titans. Prepare your anus.


Then why are you even bothering to reply?

If you’re unwilling to read the basis for the article, you can’t really contribute here. Just like the people who do not vote, then complain about election outcomes. Perhaps your approach to differing opinions is to ignore them in favor of your own.

Its rude not to when you are asked a direct question

Oh but making sure people know toilet paper rags are not to be trusted is relevant.

If you want to spread propaganda, you have to put up with the fact that the opinion of others that its hogwash designed to direct their emotions to a goal that suits the publisher.

Counter-point. lower the material requirements for capitals and even greater for supers so more players have access… also, lower skill time required.

Level the playing field by arming the poor.

A quick solution:
every time a capital/super/titan tries to undock from a citadel they have a 0.01%/0.03%/0.05% of chance of getting tangled on something and explode. Add a 0.01%/0.03%/0.05% chance that citadel explodes as well on when a cap/super/titan goes poof inside it.

Let the Happy Accidents happen! :slight_smile:

Because everyone else is too stupid to make their own judgement? Ego, much?

Moving on…

A reasonable idea, but I think it might confound the problem and reduce ship diversity

Counter-point. lower the material requirements for capitals and even greater for supers so more players have access… also, lower skill time required.

Level the playing field by arming the poor.


You can stop projecting.

Not everyone love Mittens et al

And if you cant deal, not my problem, bucko.

At least he waited until the 3rd paragraph before the utterly blatant propaganda started (and I stopped reading) - although it is INN, the Fox (or RT) of Eve cough ‘news’…


I suggest the problem is too many Caps and Super Caps, so this may not be a good solution.

The game was far better when is was mostly subcap game-play.