Too many Supers!

Please Limit the amount of supers per corporation!

1 Titan of each race per corporation and 1 super carrier of each race per corporation that’s a total of 8 supers per Corp.

Please bring back the old eve to us CCP…

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Then people just make a bunch of shell corps to hold all their supers.
The old EVE is gone, and not coming back.


That is sooo sad 8(

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Simple solution, give players a real reason to drop the buggers in less “holy ■■■■ we really need to win this” fights. I’m not talking about helicopter dicking supercaps around friendly space dropping on roamers.

To be honest, I have no idea what I’m talking about. I just want to see more supers get killed.

“Simple solution”. (it’s a lot simpler when I just say “make them get killed more” lol)


If the were like smart NPCs that would react to threat like the NPCs that want to drive more people to goon-online, a lot more supers would explode.

The way to do this is so simple, that you have to ask yourself what the “council of goons - for a better goon-online” is doing all year?

Here it is:

  • sooper dooper warps to Sanctum
    • NPCs warp out and insta-decloak 40 NPC hictors and warp in 300 sooper doopers with 5000 fax machines and make the ratting sooper dooper explode

The sooper dooper pilots even said they wanted a challenge.

The bounty of a (as in one) NPC sooper dooper is about the same as a regular Guristas Ursurper, Sansha Tyrant, Blood Pope, angel something.

Or if you bring your afk Vexor Navy Issue the following could happen:

  • 30 rapiers decloak and web the Vexor Navy Issue down, like wormholians do.

Now all dullsec anomalies are challenging and risk has returned where it belongs.

Happy bot-farming everyone!

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So ratting should be made where the cheapest reasonable option is the Ishtar/Gila then the Rattlesnake then carriers?

Risk-adverse players are the main problem, not a lack of reasons to use supers.


Supernerf is coming?®

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Just need to expand supers roles and types like battleships use to be. Say 4 per race with specific bonuses. This would create a proper role for supers to be used and revert gameplay back to the effective formula for exciting pvp again.

It is virtually impossible to get solid pvp experiences anymore because it’s all about the resources and not the strategy anymore.

It was a good experiment for expansion but failed miserably.

At one point bs were rare like supers and torps could be fitted to caracals. However, the only way to move forward without alienating those who have invested so much in skills/isk etc. is to expand the pvp experience by bringing strategy back to the field in a truly dynamic way.

Let people have their supers just create a strategic pvp experience with it not the epeen blob that has killed null appeal.

I personally along with many players I know have the ships / skills etc. but because of the lack of strategy involved is a very boring prospect to pilot the ships.

And being that these ships are supposed to be at the pennical of pvp it has been such a blunder.

They were originally supposed to be rare but now like the bs did every tom dick and harry has one. Is a complete let down that you can max out your character in pvp skills and then it’s like watching paint dry to fly one. Just my two cents

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I won’t deny that… but if you give them a solid enough reason, it’s no different than choosing to undock your machs instead of your tempests. Those who are risk averse and wish to protect their KB/wallet will rather use tempests.

Obviously there’s an incredible discrepancy between the cost of a mach and a supercap, and risk averse people’s buttholes pucker up much tighter when the cost is in the tens or hundreds of billions.

Regardless, there will always be some who are willing to swing their dick around. If they have more of a reason to do it, everyone else will have more of a reason to counter them (or lose their objectives, which is not exactly an effective way to win a significant campaign).

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That’s not a challenge, that’s a “don’t bring your super to a sanctum ever” mechanic.

Not sure that’s a bad thing.

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I agree with topicstarter that all this superhives is not something good.

But. That’s the result of “balance” changes been made.
Supercariers and titans now are not trully what they intend to be.

The titan must be really The Titan, big super ship with almost unlimited possibilities.

The regulation should be from both sides:

  • fleet structure and mechanics, fleet commander role must matter (bonus effects, possibilities, fleet structure holding) and there only titan operator could be there;
  • super ships functionallity itself.

Yeah, right, and have CCP piss off their buttbuddies? Not going to happen.

Remember when highsec wardecs got a huge nerf because CCP catered to the super pilots getting butthurt over people watchlisting them?

That’s a bit overkill, but NPCs really could react to capitals and supers entering the site.
Let’s say a reaction group is 1 HIC, 3 logi cruisers and 10 frigates/destroyers with really high fighter aggro. None of these give any bounty or loot.
Capitals get 3 group spawns, supers get 5, and after every 10 minutes the destroyed groups respawn.


Okay, I took the numbers from the masstest on SiSi when they tested the aggression mechanics for fobs. That’s where the idea is from.

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