Too many f##'&$%&^$%$ blues

at this point in unsure what to say or do though i feel eve does and has ever suffered from the ease of which bigger groups join each other in unnoficial type coalitions.

Sure this was around in 2007 but when i started it felt less… just less; perhaps it was because i had just started; but right now i think eve suffers most from lack of content because of this - batphones and blueballs; is there a fix?


and yes, for sure the jump limitations would have helped immensley but were doing a complete u turn on that…

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Surely the idea of FANDI is to post your own idea…

Anyways, you can’t patch people. And coalitions can be maintained outside the game. Whatever constraints you put on alliances or even blues can be circumvented. It would punish smaller groups more than it would the likes of goons or panfam with their out of game resources.

Best i can think of is start your own outfit (perhaps on an alt) and don’t blue peeps.

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I’ve posted quite a bit on what I think is a similar issue.

The way to erode the large groups and there infinite-blue trend is to eliminate the need to be in them by providing more fun options for small teams.

In highsec, that includes more small/solo options like can flipping and cheaper war decs. A more competitive status of cheaper ships helps as well. These provisions allow small groups to break out and do it their own way.

The whole game is so focused on making isk these days which wasn’t a problem before we started driving safety so hard in highsec.

Most of the players who believed chaos and fun were the objective have quit because of the changes since 2011.

Today’s player believes the objective of Eve is to horde isk.

The reality is that all of the players like me who used to run around causing problems and fights have quit… and not just in highsec. Back in 2011 and before, there were thousands of us causing problems wherever we went.

That leaves null as a farm-off that’s min/maxed itself into peace… just like everywhere else.


Pretty much why I don’t play in nullsec anymore. Been a long while but last time i was in null it was just quiet and boring, except for odd fight here and there, which were mostly out of my timezone anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

And this is why I became a lowsec pirate. Barely any blues, lots of targets.

I don’t see any large hisec coalitions? In fact there are too many one man corps and people in NPC corps.

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I’m talking about null. I’ve always found null to be too orderly and rule intensive… but I’m sure it is worse.

All of the players like me have pretty well quit sewing the seeds of chaos wherever we go.

Null is a projection of highsec, and it’s members are a sampling of who is left.

It’s all isk hoarders now… that’s all that’s left to do.

Which is what the players you are talking about are doing… hoarding isk. Afk mining. Turbo running plexes.

Everything but interacting with other people.

And I’m not able to force them to interact… now they can just opt out.


I can’t see how you get to that. The Goons for example carve out their own safety by massive application of overwhelming force. And in fact hisec has suffered from the lack of content in nullsec as people from there do easy farming in hisec in a desperate search for content.

It’s easier, cheaper and much more commercially interesting / rewarding to cater to larger abstracts than it is to cater to diversity. As such game design also takes and approach where it determines cost of lesser diversity. Some years ago CCP did the math on output/reward by dollar invested, they found out that it didn’t matter much at all, but also that larger abstracts as a target allowed them to maintain and operate a larger margin.

Ergo, it doesn’t pay for CCP to introduce more diversity triggers or mechanisms.

Your brain spins a different direction than mine and I’ve never even seen you acknowledge any argument besides your own.

I’m not even going to go down this road with you.


I think they did it because legions of isk hoarders were screaming “make us safer.”

So they nerfed all the mechanics and the legion of chaos clowns got bored and quit.

Now the game is stale and boring… and still getting safer.

Illogical to me.

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Above you linked the lack of content in nullsec and the mass of blues to a lack of can flipping and the need of cheaper war decs. Your argument does not make any sense at all.

Of course my brain is in a different direction to you, I don’t see the old can flipping mechanics as having anything to do with the blue lists in nullsec.

If you are trying to link it to attitude and content drivers I would suggest to you that a content driver in nullsec is actually something meaningful to fight over and dedicated FC’s. CCP recently adjusted the spawn rate of anoms and that could spread things out a bit, but the greater projection with the new jump gates is a much greater issue and is making these blue lists even bigger.


But safer, easier to manage, more room to guide behaviour as opposed to allocating resources to chase after your users displaying emergent behaviour, and more interesting from a marketing / sales perspective.

Perfectly logical. Does it change things? Sure. Change is the only constant.

Sure there’s a fix, but apparently no one (read: CCP) wants to kick the carebears and cowards out of the game.

I keep thinking they’ll try something is their subscription base dwindles… but I’ve been thinking that for 8 years now…

Maybe it’s going to be like this until the end…

Nobody forces you to join an alliance in a mega coalition. There are different eco systems in EVE. If you don’t like the nullsec powerblocks you can always go to wormholes or faction warfare.

However I have noticed that 90% of those complaining about nullsec being too secure are mainly engaged in low-risk efforts like ganking VNI ratters with kitey gangs or depending Black Ops bridges to gank ships. Heaven forbid they should loose some ships in their efforts to bring content to others.

The MER shows a lot of stuff being destroyed, so at least some people are having fun, you just need to find the group that clicks with your preferred activity.

your joking right, ive played since 05 and use to ap around in a pod, now i cant travel around in high sec without freighters, barges, and indys burning. Its not a matter about being safe for the need to get isk, i say its about the need of constantly grinding for plex/injectors and shiney stuff.

everyone is to worried about finding their way of soloing everything for max isk/loot. the 1 man corps are just for tax. im in my own because unless i go join 1 of the null sec cancer groups even null sec corps ive been in is everyone doing their own thing if anyone is on at all.


Not joking.

The emergence of ganking as a playstyle was in response to exactly this emergence of safety.

It’s the only PvP left in highsec that is pursued by more than a couple diehards, IMO.

It’s toxic and it’s not really that much fun. The people doing it know it and are doing it in protest, CCP knows it but still wants to claim to be gritty and dark… and I think on some level they know the fighting is all but stopped and they don’t want to throw away the last element of risk.

Everyone is playing solo because the PvP nerfs have nearly eliminated any need to work together and pve buffs have made everything solo-able.

Why would anyone want to work together?

You are trying to engage them in space with ships, but have you considered alternative forms of warfare?