Suggestions/ideas to the structure use and PvE

So IMO 2 major things that effect eve for better or worse are Structures and PvE content. (And for the Low sec’cers faction warfare.)

My main points will probably be towards Structures and PvE as those are the 2 things that have the most effect on everyone in eve but ill add some small ideas for fac war as well at the end.

For my sake and to keep this organized and clean i’m just going to give short paragraphs followed by a list of suggestions/ideas. And just a reminder these are just ideas/suggestions so if you see flaws and obvious reasons or just complaints about why it wouldnt work just give the reason and not be “REE’ing” about it with no reasons (seems to be a popular choice to do now a days XD)


Ever since structures have been in the game, they have definitely made eve a much more safer place place than intended and it should have never been that way at all. im not saying to get rid of them but limiting how many we can have would be a better option or add scaling maintenance cost per structure.

For Example

  • a corporation can have up to 5 structures

  • an alliance can have 5 from the corp that created the alliance and then 3 structures per corporation in the alliance

  • Remove Asset safety from unpowered structures or just simply remove it entirely

  • Tethering only works the first time you undock, only way to re-tether is to dock and undock.

  • Structures have a scaling Maintenance cost, the more you have (past a certain point) the higher the bills will be.


Another thing for null sec is how SOV and Entosis’ing works. It’s just a simple “hacking” mechanic with obvious ways to go about doing it. Considering that we have structures now, it would seem like a better idea to designate a specific structure to claim ownership over a system if no one has claimed it yet, whatever the equivalent to a command center but for a system would be.

For example

  • null system is empty and has no structures

  • the first structure to be put down in the system has to be the “command Center” for the system and each system you capture give you +2 structures to be put down (playing along with the above ideas for structures)

  • If the command structure is destroyed, then all structures in that system will enter a vulnerable state whether powered or not (meaning they go through both shields and armor same as unpowered structures)

  • only way to reclaim the system is either manually select another structure in system or anchor another one but there is a 24 hour timer to reclaim the system and if any structure is damage or attacked then this will either be unable to claim the system or will delay the timer.


the PvE aspect of EVE absolutely needs improving. The sleepers, trigs, and drifters have always been a step in the right direction with how the AI have advanced and interact and how the names corrolate to what they do but the rest of the Pirate faction NPCs need to be updated with them too, as well as their Anom sites that people easily Farm.

For starters Anoms could have 2 variations of escalations. “Minor” escalations with normalized rewards and a chance to drop lower meta Deadspace/faction modules and then “major” escalations with higher rewards. the major escalation can or cannot stay the same as the current escalations depending on how its done (more than likely they’ll stay the same as the minor will just have more normalized rewards)

A few possible suggestions could be The normal combat anoms as they are now that lead to said minor/major escalations, or make the anoms a little more interesting by creating multiple rooms that have slightly varying enemies or objectives (e.i. One room having a structure or specific enemy to blow up to possibly unlock an escalation, whereas another room could just lead to normalized rewards and no escalation)

So to quick list these ideas

  • Make combat anoms more engaging or more variation than what it currently is
  • Add rooms (acceleration gates) and have specific enemy types or objects to kill to a chance to trigger a minor or major escalation

  • This potentially could make botting less of a thing for ratting null sec anoms as it would add more difficulty through either the rats themselves or adding rooms and mechanics

  • Make 2 types of escalations (“minor” and “major”) with minors having more room variations/rat types

  • Streamline Pirate faction rat names (similar to the way trigs and sleepers have them)

Your suggestion on structures does nothing in regards to the total number number ownable. Its cheap to create a corp and I bet the average number of alt accounts per person is 3 for your average player; exluding bots and the mega mining fleets by 1 person. So realistically they would just make multiple corps with an alliance and create a whole new alliance/corp set up multiple times, nothing says your own alts gonna war dec you unless your drunk.

Now on the other hand, tax offices should be limited by alliance but no one would agree with that. “Omega Medialabs and Friends” own hundreds if not thousands across most of hi sec with random tax amounts; think they got lazy since I see some other corps, would assume with the ability to deploy that many and not roll over everyone that they would own all of hi sec planets.

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