Structures 2.0 Proposal


If you didn’t watch the Keynote at EVE Vegas, I suggest you watch that first, before posting your opinion here.

If you have seen the Keynote at Vegas, keep reading.

In the Keynote, we were told about structures 2.0, where CCP want to have ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ states for structures, related to when service modules go offline due to lack of fuel (this indicates abandonment of the strucutures, which I expect we can all agree upon, is a current problem in the game, with the huge amount of abandoned structures).

I propose that instead of DESTROYING inactive structures, we have a choice to either, destroy them (yay pretty explosions), or more profitably, the potential to ‘conquer’ them (like the old outposts in Nullsec), and thus transfer ownership of the structure to your corp.

This way, the ‘attackers’ can unanchor the structure (over a period of 7 days like normal) and sell it for profit, thus creating a large incentive for people to keep the game clean :sunglasses:


+1 for this idea. Of course, in sovereign nullsec it would mean having to toast more things as part of a sovereignty campaign, but it’s a start.

the economy desires destruction

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Simple choice option at the end “keep or or kill it?”
+1 for the idea.

Destruction only pls.

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conquerable please,more fun and you get full loot and you can sell citadel someone so you can profit it,you dont have to pad your killboard with hundred citadel kills

You can still shoot the structure down to hull, and then tell the owner that he either give the structure to you, or get it destroyed.

Destruction only, otherwise this will destroy the citadel(and by extension PI) market.

I’d prefer to have possibility to steal the structure during vulnerability period… or loot contents (if any) in case there is no one to contest my cruel intentions.

Again you may prefer it but the economy doesn’t

I’d like to see abandoned structures remove themselves by degrading through lack of maintenance. Once its fully degraded it would turn into a salvagable wreck in space.

I haven’t seen any hint of that but CCP has introduced smarter NPCs with capabilities that are still mysterious. It seems possible that these NPC might even start attacking player-owned structures and if abandoned, perhaps even destroy them. As the pirate shipyards and FOBs expand over New Eden, they might as a side benefit clear out the abandoned structures scattered everywhere.

It is effectively the same idea just with an external NPC turning abandoned structures into wrecks rather than Father Time. We’ll have to see if this is something they will do, but even if not it is certainly behaviour CCP can add to their new AI if so desired pretty easily I would think.

Yep NPC attacks make sense, but I do like the thought of things degrading over time as well :slight_smile:

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