Annual removal of offline structures

I used to play a game called Star Wars Galaxies, and once a year they had a server-wide event where any player structure or housing that had been abandoned for 6 months or more would be destroyed. We would go around and find and select these structures and a TIE bomber would destroy it and we would get points for it that went towards rewards for that event. Now, the player that had their house or structure “destroyed” didn’t actually lose it or anything inside of it, it simply removed it from the game world so active players would have a place to put their structures. The player whose structure was destroyed would be able to get all that stuff back in the form of a crate or container if they came back to play the game.

It would be nice if CCP would implement this feature for EVE. It would get rid of a lot of the abandoned, offline POS structures that are littering the entirety of the EVE universe. If your POS has been offline for 6 months or more, you’re probably not coming back. Just do the same thing as SWG did and make it to where you don’t actually lose your POS or anything that was inside of it, you can reclaim that stuff should you come back to the game at a later date. The prizes in SWG for doing this were various housing and decoration items, but something similar could be done for EVE as well.

They are removing Poses and they are going to Implement a feature so Offline Structures are more easy to kill than Online ones.

Also, there is no need to remove Structures so new people could set up their own as they are not fixed to some points.

I prefer a feature to destroy Abandoned Structure and loot their stuff to one which remove the Structure and safe their stuff

The great thing about eve is that you don’t need the devs to do it. You can get together with friends and burn them to ash yourself

Any abandoned structure can already be destroyed at any time. You simply need enough ammunition.

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