Remotely abandoning POCOs and other structures

My corp recently got wardecced thanks to some long forgotten POCOs in WH space, noone seems to remember where it is. Rather than force people to scan for this, can CCP change it so that people can remotely abandon structures the same way you can with other things? Even remotely decommission/trash so that the moon is freed up (or new occupants get a free poco) is a better system than we have now.

Maybe I am blind but the structure browser could benefit from adding a tab for these legacy structures, at least to track their location and status.

Take consequences of your decisions or make effort to find it.


Serious consequences for losing track of your ■■■■.
This is EVE [exilis vas exitum]

You’re right tho, you should at least have a record to reference under corp’ assets if you do not already.

You should check something just in case.

Go into Corporation, then into Home and then Details, look to see if your corp accepts structure transfers, if it allows this then beat your CEO over the head with a wet pilchard.

Unfueled citadels go in to a low power mode and can be abandoned if necessary.

Pocos in a long forgotten system noone visits can be used remotely by highsec wardeccers to wardec us, even though I can’t remotely abandon it.

You are shilling for bad game design.

Abandoned state is unrelated to ownership of citadel. It still needs to be either unanchored or destroyed.

No. I think that remote unanchoring. Which in result removes any consequences is a bad game design.

Instead complaining, contact signal cartel or put public “contract” for either giving you entry wh location or taking down a POCO.

As a result. Mistake that someone made long time ago. Now will turn into emergent gameplay, content and player interactions. Remote unachoring. At best, give a free loot for a lucky person. Nothing more and that’s why it’s dumb game design in sandbox game.

So assuming that it is not one that was given to you against your will and knowledge, you could engage certain people who specialise in WH travel to locate it for you. My understanding is that they do that sort of work too but for a price.

That is so much extra work than just having it lose ownership. There is already a long established system for decay regarding this. The argument it is emergent gameplay has no bearing in an airtight system.

To be honest I detest all this free intel in the map, and it also means that what you are suggesting is equally as bad. It is one of the perils of being a very old corp, I know of several entities who had this exact same issue, who had to deal with it the hard way.

Still if you can connect with structures in W-space and adjust etc., you should be able to do the same with POCO’s. You should at least be able to find out what WH it is in, which would make it a lot easier to deal with.

I’d love to see the explanation for CONCORD knowing my corps POCOs exist in WH space and how this justifies me being wardecced? Did they ever fix that exploit where wardec corps which are losing change the ownership of their citadels to dodge wars? Why is this not locked for the duration?

That is why I think it makes no sense for you to have nothing that enables you to know which system it is in.

As for that exploit I remember reading something about it, but there are so many exploits in this game I lost track of the exact details.

Bad game design is having the requirement to be war dec’d based on structure ownership in the first place.

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Why are players who are war dec’d not locked into corp for duration of war?

End war avoidance for all those involved.

Never owned poco or old pos. But I highly doubt it isn’t mentioned under corp assets. Especially when support article says that, you modify taxes via corp assets window. And I don’t expect it popping in there. Just when person with proper roles is in range of poco.

I have owned a POCO or two in the past at the corp level, but absolutely cannot remember, it was that long ago. It does surprise me, I would have to check. Maybe he should ask a director or the CEO to see what there is.

I have been a structure manager for a corp with 120+ people a few years ago. To the very best of my knowledge there has never been pocos listed by location. Citadels however could be seen to a considerable distance

Just check…

Neocom menu -> Social -> Corporation-> Assets -> In Space


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