POSes and POCOs

Do the old POS towers have any remaining functionality that is not available in the new structures?

CCP: Any word on their removal, methods and schedule you would care to share?

My corp has a POCO that a member set up in W. That member no longer plays. Is there any easy way to get rid of that asset? (I can think of many hard ways. Looking for something easy.)

CCP: As a QOL thing, it would be nice if POCO ownership could be transferred without having to be at the POCO. That would solve the above issue. In fact, it would be nice if that was true for ALL structures, including the old POS towers.

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A shield.

The ability to be anchored and online in a shorter period of time.

What do you mean “get rid of”?

If the corp has a POCO set up, the CEO/directors/structure managers should have the ability to take it down or transfer ownership.

You cannot take down POCOs but you can transfer them but you must be on grid to do so

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Oh, so I’m assuming they’re rolled out of the WH?

Well in that case all they have to do is wait. Someone will solve the problem for them. Hehe.

As Xuixien writes, POS’s are still used as temporary parking spots for supercapitals. CCP has talked about replacing this functionality with a citadel “mooring” feature, but its clearly not ready. Good question for someone to ask at EVE Vegas, if CCP doesn’t bring it up.


Not rolled out. Its just that the corp member who lives in that W system stopped playing. A year ago. No one has blown the POCO up yet, and I’m wondering if there is a way to move that asset out of corp without having to search for the W system and get really lucky.

Agreed. I did more research and saw that on other threads. CCP needs to add some sort of rapid deployment forward operating base. It might even look like a POS bubble, but work like a station. That is, you have to warp to it and select “dock” if accepted, your ship is automatically removed from space and appears inside the field.

So in other words you ARE rolled out.

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