Why are the Control Tower Small still in the game?

You said that you would remove them then so that you leave them, it is more profitable for a small corp to mount one of those and leave anywhere then so that you added the cores and everything to the bases if the Control Tower Small continue to work I do not see the case anymore knowing that they are useless since breaking them does not give any profitability and to top it off is a very economical and easy to sustain outpost?

POS code is too interconnected with the fabric of the EvE universe. If they remove towers the whole universe would collapse.

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The POS towers are still useful in some cases, like wormhole daytripping etc, as they are cheaper than upwell structures.

couldn’t you just set all pos forefield to offline? isn’t the forcefield state in database

I have no clue, what the actual problem is why they are still there, just conveying the meme about POS code, which has at least some truth in it. :wink:


Because we don’t have player owned FOBs yet.

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wish they would just remove them already

Because they are quick cheap bases you can anchor easier in enemy space than a full blown citadel. As such, CCP has yet to make a structure to replace them.

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