About Pos/towers

Hello, returned player here.

While searching stuff, i saw posts about towers that they will be phased out, disabled etc.

What is the latest decision about towers?

Maybe someday. There is no progress on removing them as far as I know.


they don’t really do much anyway…

I think CCP forgot they exist.


They have been saying that the entire time I’ve been playing the game. I don’t think they are in any danger of going anywhere

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At one point in time, it sounded like the plan was to release small citadels that would take over POS’s role as a forward operating base, but then things stalled out. Personally, I’m fine with that. I kind of like POSs.

soon ™

I queried this recently. Couple points of note, CCP several years back stated all POS structures would be removed from game, to date they havent and there’s no indication from CCP of it happening in the immediate future.

They also stated they would bring in a deployable structure which could be used as a FOB, rather than a POS, again this died a death and never materialised, hence some players still find a use for the POS’s which are still knocking around.

Regardless of the FOB situation, structures such as ship arrays, mining arrays, drug labs etc still sit in game when they could have been easily pulled many years ago, at the very least their blueprints could have been ‘flipped’ so they died a natural death

In short, everything points to the fact that CCP has once again taken its eye off the ball halfway through a project and not finished off as promised… surprise surprise, track record etc etc.

So in answer to your question, it may be they will get withdrawn next week, maybe a year from now, maybe never, no one in game really knows and I suspect CCP don’t either

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its not an easy task to remove something thats tangled up in spaghetti code.

And you know this because ???

Its a poor excuse. They arent making physical changes to their existance. They could simply flip their BPO’s over to Upwell, like they did for some at the start of this process and let they phase out. or they could place CCP buy orders up as they did for the SBU’s - but no, they just choose to forget them, thats the facts

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