POS Removal

Does anyone know if CCP have giving a date when POS and POS related stuff is being removed from the game or is it the usual “Soon” comment by them



When you hear about the ‘FOB’ level structure release you will likely know the answer…

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Pretty much this, they still need to replace the use of the stick itself as a staging point, so once that arrives they will likely remove POS and their associated leftover modules then

There’s no planned date for it right now, but it’ll be sooner rather than later.

Sorry we can’t give more details at this stage - as soon as we know more, we’ll be blogging about it!


Thanks for the reply.

Was mentioned three years ago as well.


Yes, but now the replacement structures are actually implemented.

Is there any functionality left that has to be transferred from POS?


I hope its real soon. We have dead POSes in low sec on one in corp cares about. We don’t want to run them, we don’t want to go there just to take them down, no one gives a flying anything about them. Once in awhile someone shoots at them, I and think “please just blow it up”. If there was a self destruct, it would have been used years ago.

Also, I happen to have a True Power large in my hangar. Will I get ISK or something for it?

Perhaps little functionality in terms of mechanics like moon mining, industry and research etc… But there is still no replacement for gameplay of POS like:

• Leaving ships safely in the POS shield to confuse people looking at dscan - for example leaving a mining fleet of 5 barges in a POS while you ninja mine - looks a lot less obvious if you’re mining with 1 person in local.

• Can’t testify first hand but I knew certain Super-pilots who used to carry a POS tower to deploy when they were moving about to use either as a safe place to bridge people or log off - It anchored and onlined quickly and don’t believe (but am unsure if) the same gameplay is availabe with a Citadel or Fortizar.

• Flexibility - POS were way cheaper. For example if you wanted a focussed Research POS for example. The setup and cost was much quicker and could be moved easily. With rigs required on Engineering complexes to get best research speeds and those rigs being destroyed if you want to move the structure - the cost is prohibitive and the flexibility lost.

They’re just the few gameplay issues I know of that they need to address before switching. Cheers.

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Last I heard, the POS modules and towers would get auto-reprocessed at 100% efficiency or something like that.

POS should be transformed into slow moving ships, orca style, for temporary deployment bases.

Some of those CCP have indicated they dont want exact replicas to. Things like research structures they want to be vulnerable. Not just grab and run in 5 minutes.

Research was already moved to citadels, as were pretty much all the other POS specific features, there won’t likely be a new research structure unless they decide to make a research specific citadel but seeing as engineering complexes already get bonuses to research, that would be unlikely, the only thing left to replace is the ability to use them as a staging structure, but the structure they are replaced with won’t be as annoying to deal with as a POS stick nor is it likely to provide as much protection, they will be meant for temporary staging points, nothing more

Still no replacement for small POS.

  • Fast anchoring/deanchoring
  • Low on m³ during transport
  • Cheaper than citadels

The FOB’s will replace those, in terms of an actual staging structure, POS were too cheap and their price hasn’t been adjusted in years, you won’t get another POS structure like the ones you have now, its going to be a structure that provides less just because its other roles have been outsourced to other structures now

No, they should go rogue and slowly wander around space. Maybe form up into a swarm.

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