Are POSes going to be removed?

Heard of people saying that they will be.


Does this mean that moons that are currently holding Control Towers will vanish?

/The Control Towers, Not the moons silly!

They will be reimbursed - precisely how is unknown at this point. POS no longer have any industrial utility, that has been entirely transferred to Upwell structures, but they are still useful as forward operating bases. A small control tower can be deployed by a blockade runner and anchored in 15 minutes. It can also be taken down and moved in 15 minutes. There is talk of a new FLEX structure to replace this functionality - once it is announced we should have a firm timetable for the removal of POS and it’s associated legacy code.


Nope. The moons themselves will vanish, exactly a year to the day from today. This is what legacy code does, you know.


I doubt that POSes in space will just vanish. Most likely the ones from inventory locations will be removed and reimbursed, but the ones in space will be stripped of all functionality and left to be blown up by anyone. They may even get their HP reduced to get rid of them faster.

Cool I can’t wait to kill one using my procurer and a flight if hobs

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I want to know what will happen to all the POS BPOs, BPCs, POS module BPOs and POS module BPCs? CCP is not putting out enough information about this!

Probably becuase they don’t have a plan yet.

Just get the FOB Diamond NPCs to blow them up.

Maybe CCP will have a big Last POS bashing ceremony to commemorate the occasion.

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