Replacement of POS

I have a question and I know it may have been answered but I have not found it yet. That is when you replace POS what happens to those BPO and BPC out there are they just going to vanish and cause people to lose ISK or will it be replaced later with either ISK for all them or another BPO for the new structure?

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Very good question.

Probably be replaced with another type of structure BPC, or possibly some sort of ISK refund.

However, after looking at CCP’s recent actions, more than likely they won’t be doing anything with them for quite a while.

Why not invest in a few sticks?

They might turn into pumpkins, but they might not.

And just exactly what does that mean?

Sticks = POS Towers.


I know that…

I was referring to this:

Oh sorry.

Ok well if POSes are old hat, their market value will be low.

So the basic idea will be the price drops away and so when CCP removes them, and IF they refund anything (which I think they said, happy to be corrected if wrong) then the amount they refund is most likely be mins or mins reprocessed value.

However it is possible the refund could be worth buying them at a discount.

For all I know they could turn them into Fedos but without knowing how many POSes are still active, its a gamble.

And its cool if you think it wont pay off, but Im just curious to see what a bundle of packaged sticks will turn into, and Im an opportunist, so am used to a lot of fails for a success that covers those fails :slight_smile:

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