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Returning player after 3 years. Are PoS towers and associated arrays etc., still part of the game?

They still exist, but they aren’t being used much. CCP made the new citadels so cheap that everybody just uses those.

Not all the associated arrays. A lot of them have been phased out and replaced with modules used inside citadels. There are no more moon mining arrays, for example.

If you need a cheap, quick safe spot haven to hide your ships and supers, then you can still use POSes, Anything else, and youre better off using a citadel.

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Many thanks for the responses. I presume then that manufactured items can be reprocessed but was there any action taken regarding extinct BPOs?

The extinct BPOs should have been confiscated by CCP and they have deposited ISK into your wallet as a refund.

Im not sure how the calculation goes on researched BPOs, however.

Thanks again.

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