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I have an Amarr Control Tower and some arrays gathering space-dust in a forgotten warehouse somewhere. Along with the stront, fuel blocks and other consumables for my old outpost.

I tried to sell them when I returned to EVE but that’s not possible.

I assume that it’s not possible to place them anymore.

I don’t want to run a outpost or citadel, it’s not safe enough.

So, considering the latest dev post about phasing out the existing rust buckets…

What can I do to turn these idle assets into something I do want?

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What they are Phasing out are Outposts (as in Player build stations in Null sec).

What you have is a POS (Player Owned Starbase) which can still be used but have had most (if not all) of its bonuses removed as Upwell structures have replaced the functionality.

POS(s) Structures and it’s accompanying modules will eventually be phased out as well, but when that time comes CCP will surely make a Dev Blog about it detailing what will become of the structures and modules. Compensation will probably be flat out ISK.

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I’ve been buying up Faction BPCs for pos parts speculating they get converted into something cool.

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Sadly i doubt the POS parts will end up being of much value, the POS prints themselves might be but thats if they even decide to bother keeping faction versions of whatever replaces POS, although removing those would make data sites more worthless :stuck_out_tongue:

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