Question: what will replace starbases when they are completely phased out?

New poster here!
I have been playing the game since 2016 and arrived soon after starbases were beginning to be phased out. Now i have a question about what will happen.

I understand why starbases are being phased out but sometimes starbases look to be cheaper than an athanor, also would be better for a temporary installation for short stays in wormholes or other such places.

Will a smaller station type be created or what?

Because from what i have seen, your average athanor is around 1bil isk to 2 bil, while a control tower and a storage area with a reprocessing array looked to be around 100m maximum.

So will there be a replacement for starbases or not?

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There is not intended to be a same cost replacement for the smallest pos.

Ah okay, was just curious if anything would be replacing them in the small station range. Because i like the idea of small temporary mining outposts and stuff instead of a full station.

I would not discount the possibility of a closer replacement. All Upwell structures are either medium, large, or extra large size. There is room to introduce ‘small’ structures, but I am not aware of any details that they are being developed.

What CCP does will probably depend on the state of the game when they feel they’d have time to implement such a thing. They have an ever changing list of priorities as problems arise and the situation changes.

Quite a few people have expressed interest or concern over the phase out of the POS, and I’m fairly confident that we’ll have solid details by the time they decide to put them to bed for good.

It was a design goal to make player “stations” more expensive and also ensure you actually have to commit, when placing them (expensive rigs).

Check out the fanfest presentations, and I think there was a mention about possible future small structures at EvE down under.

Thank you i will look at the fanfest presentations

I understand the commit thing but think about it

If i were starting a small corp, and could not afford a massive investment (1-2 bil) into a “medium” station, then i would be looking for a smaller station. It would be nice to have a smaller option, even if it is less efficient in terms of reprocessing and stuff.

Let’s be honest, if your corp can’t effort 2B for a citadel, you are also not able to defend it against attacks.

But also for a 100 million price tag maybe they can afford to not defend it… :woman_shrugging:

Be assured, you’re not the only one who feels this way. Those who have a more dedicated nomadic lifestyle have no alternative as of yet. I am not convinced, though, that CCP is not considering some manner of replacement for those needing temporary emplacements for military or industrial purposes. I just believe that, for now, those plans have taken a back seat to other things.

An easy way to balance small Upwell would be limiting their cargo space so they can only process a set amount of wealth/profit, compared to limitless storage in other structures.

Yeah, but this is an unwanted mechanic. That’s why CCP explicitly removed it.

Those are called “Mobile Depots” and they’re already fully implemented.

Probably more citadels, becuase there are not enough of those already.

In the short term, CCP is focused on achieving feature parity so they can finally get rid of POS and the legacy code it represents. That means we’ll likely see a jump bridge replacement (first iteration of player built stargates) next.

The fanfest structures presentation does discuss the possibility of smaller structures in the future. This slide shows some of the concepts being considered


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From what I’ve picked up is CCP thinking of introducing smaller structures, but I have yet to see anything official.

Also the cheapest structures seem to cost around 500m ISKs at the moment (Raitaru).

Thanks :slight_smile:
when i go to a market hub the raitarus and stations such are generally around twice to three times the proper price. so I always estimate based around that these days.

Thank you for this information, im looking forwards to one or all of these concepts being introduced. Now my question is answered

Try EVEMarketer. It’s a website, which lets you see all the markets. I.e.:

There are going to be replacements for some of the features but there won’t be a “jack of all trades” structure, there will be specific things for each role and they will fit in to the “small” structure group below citadels which are the “medium” and “large” structure groups, yes i am aware that there are 3 tiers of sizes within the citadels but they are internal group sizings

Thanks. i will start using that