Small strutures

Since there are medium, large, and XL structures, which allow large, caps, and supercaps respectively, I think that there should be “small” structures allowing medium ships (up to combat battlecruisers) to dock in them, for people who want a less expensive station. A small structure would allow docking for industrial and transport ships, so it would be possible to have a one set it up.


Maybe they could have shorter anchor and teardown times, too.

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Cheaper wardecs too.

I think the structures should be made of materials that have 100m total price, and maybe the core should be 50-100m too.

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That is indeed cheaper than all current structures.

I’d love a small citadel.


Small structures are things like Mobile Depots. Go hunt out the initial structure devblogs for the layout.

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So, CCP has talked about some sort of small structure that can be used as a FOB, or for daytripping. Now, I do know that there is some support for the idea, but there doesn’t appear to be a critical mass, and I think the last time I heard CCP say anything about it was about the time they released upwell flex structures. So, you’re probably going to have to try to sell people on why a small structure would be good for the game if you hope to get anywhere with this.

You could have it so it acts like a mobile depot with a 30 day expiration and 2 day reff, but allows docking and reshipping, for hiding in one wormhole for a day or two to clear all the sites, harvest all the gas, and mine all the rocks, then fly everything back to hisec.

That there is a good reason not to allow one.

It sounds like you’re talking about being able to take resources out of wormholes without as much risk or investment as now.

There is/was an archived thread about “smallholdings”

An ability to create small pockets like you see in missions and combat anomalies. Small anchorable structures/ship that cost less (in both ISK and fuel) than the POS/control towers of the time. Meant for an individual or small group (1-5 players) just getting out on their own. Silos, small hangar, maybe second-class refining/research/manufacturing abilities depending on modules fitted to the core structure. All very limited ability/features … e.g. a hangar only capable of holding two cruisers/mining barges or three frigates, industry that works slower, refinery works at lower percentages. Some suggestion that it be something akin to … half of an Orca or less – with its ship maintennance bay, refitting ability, storage, a choice of modules for industry, refining, etc.

This was a few years before they introduced the Upwell Structures

They are in initial devblogs. But I’m pretty sure they said in QnA sessions at Fanfests, more than once IIRC, that deployables are XS size, and S size is not yet represented.

I’d love having an option for player owned FOB with 1 mil m3 or less of dockable space, which is roughly 10 fitted cruisers. Or personal 1-per-char housing you could chain link with your small corp buddies.

Depot + Station container basically.

The Dev’s could just use the Control towers and turn them in to mini Citadels you can anchor anywhere but still need to then anchor hangers and such so you only anchor what you need with them. It would mean we need to rework the code to have them work like a mini Citadel but i am sure it would be easier than starting over with small Citadels.


Well most players would prefer a Mobile Compression Depot. And if you are solo player who doesn’t want to corp. A big chunk of the game is wasted time and effort just moving things around. Which is another reason for retention issues.

It would be nice to have some sort of cloaky mobile lair you can move around in. Or hide in ambush for a player in your little area of patrol. Granted you only can fit 1-2 Frigates or a single Cruiser/BC in with some cargo. By that time would would asking for a Jump Capable hangar vessel. Which I have to ask. Why has no one asked for an “Anchoring” Module you can rig up for ships?

That makes 100% more sense in many respects, and can turn some ships like Orcas and DSTs into mobile bases. Which can deploy turrets and other equipment like lets say a compression array. Now there would be a time limit. You can deploy ECCM on the ship to make it harder to find. Or even make this Anchoring modules use fuel or a special “reactor” module to keep everything online? Or even a special limited range Force Field Module that you can fit to a ship, that will stay active while you anchor the ship and uses fuel. “Password Access” etc with these module aboard.

But I think CCP needs to make hacking and trying to capture things more interesting as well. Like I can actually capture a POS instead of destroying it.

It would make some ships in this game even more interesting because you can apply them in different ways.

I agree they should make more mechanics for “capturing” ships and structures. I think maybe they could make a special hull that can try to “hack” a ship with under 50% hull, and both that ship and their ship are invulnerable for that time, and if the hacker wins, they steal the ship, or if the defender wins, they get to escape, either way the hacker hull explodes and the other ship warps out, but it might warp out with a new pilot. As for the structures, maybe allow entosis links to hit them?

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You know, i really love this idea, my only concern though is wouldn’t this cause a return of structure spam?

CCP bought out the cores so it would end structure spam.

Other than that concern my only real questions are “would these small structures require cores as well?” & “given their size would they only be equipped to handle one thing?”
Aka reactions, reprocessing, production, etc

Other than that, if structure spam is avoided then i actually really love this idea!

POS’s are out dated but i love the idea of having my own small structure somewhere i can anchor for myself

I can see how it would be good for small alliances starting out too!

I give this a +1

Especially if the slogan is
“Small citadels
Big action”

(Props if you get that reference)

Edit: was actually just thinking that in the event the cross play games of valkyrie and the FPS game ever make a come back and become integrated, these could be really good staging facilities for those war clones, further bridging the gap of war clone use and relevance to capsuleers in the game

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This topic was covered by CCP about 3 or 4 years ago at Eve Vegas. They stated then that they wanted a small structure to give attacker a foothold for invasions. They figured quick anchoring and little to no defensive capabilities. Heck it would not be the first time CCP talked about something that never bared fruit.

This would make moving capitals even safer. Just gotta bring along an alt in a hacking ship and fit an EHE.

I guess the best way to fix that is to not make the hacker invulnerable, but disable the weapons of the person being hacked, so they can’t directly defend themselves but their attackers can still shoot the hacker ship.

maybe these small structures could be for sub cap docking only.

hacker suffers EWAR effects while hacking maybe?

maybe not weapons locking, but nueting, scram, web, etc?