Small strutures

Since there are medium, large, and XL structures, which allow large, caps, and supercaps respectively, I think that there should be “small” structures allowing medium ships (up to combat battlecruisers) to dock in them, for people who want a less expensive station. A small structure would allow docking for industrial and transport ships, so it would be possible to have a one set it up.


Maybe they could have shorter anchor and teardown times, too.

Cheaper wardecs too.

I think the structures should be made of materials that have 100m total price, and maybe the core should be 50-100m too.

That is indeed cheaper than all current structures.

I’d love a small citadel.

Small structures are things like Mobile Depots. Go hunt out the initial structure devblogs for the layout.

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So, CCP has talked about some sort of small structure that can be used as a FOB, or for daytripping. Now, I do know that there is some support for the idea, but there doesn’t appear to be a critical mass, and I think the last time I heard CCP say anything about it was about the time they released upwell flex structures. So, you’re probably going to have to try to sell people on why a small structure would be good for the game if you hope to get anywhere with this.

You could have it so it acts like a mobile depot with a 30 day expiration and 2 day reff, but allows docking and reshipping, for hiding in one wormhole for a day or two to clear all the sites, harvest all the gas, and mine all the rocks, then fly everything back to hisec.

That there is a good reason not to allow one.

It sounds like you’re talking about being able to take resources out of wormholes without as much risk or investment as now.