Personal structures

I’ve been living out of Mobile Depots for a while now. They’re nice, though they don’t feel like a home. They’re a little structure floating in space that’s cool and everything, but not home.

For this reason I’ve been investigating building my own Astrahus and using that as a home, though my use-case for such a large structure is effectively wasted. The go-to answer for this is to use a POS because POS. I don’t want to use a POS; I don’t want to be stuck to a moon; I want the freedom of a citadel to call home without the bulky wasteful Astrahus.

Some kind of smaller personal-sized structure like citadels would work well for this, I think. I’d anchor it somewhere, then it would serve as my personal home until I decide to move it. I guess it would not take too long to anchor since it’s rather small. I am not sure about vulnerability windows and all that. Something so small will probably be easy to kill, so maybe a smaller vulnerability window? I don’t know.

Some kind of mitigations to prevent abuse would perhaps include their prevention from being deployed in systems with public stations already in them, as we don’t need homes there. This prevents massive spam in systems near trade hubs, and allows players living in wormholes, or nomadic players, to make use of them. They would be able to fit some kind of lesser self-defense modules though nowhere near powerful enough to fend much off; maybe just the average pirate. The Mobile Depot’s invulnerability mode would make sense to use in this instance. Maybe have it automatically self-destruct after the vulnerability window to prevent abuse?

Anyway. The idea is that a small home for individuals would be really nice to provide players without a home with a home. I effectively live in whatever wormhole I log off in, then continue exploring wormholes until I log off in another random wormhole. Mobile Depots work really well for this. They are still not home, though :(. I can’t feel like a dude camping out because I can’t dock in them.

Bruh, imagine anchoring your little citadel somewhere and chilling on the viewing deck watching the solar system revolve. Just you. Your little home.

That’s all really.

Also, the new explo changes are making me very horny. I can’t wait.


As a side-note; these structures would not be able to have markets, clone bays, or any of that sort of thing. Maybe a small utility refinery or something for personal use with nowhere near the muscle of the real thing. Think of it as your study at home; you have a bit of everything but nothing like you would have with more resources or larger scale. You can anchor them in hostile space though that opens them up to free-for-all attack to prevent abuse. Null corps would anchor fleets of these in enemy sov otherwise.

Meh I am theorycrafting too much. Core idea is personal home. The rest is kind of its own discussion

I would have them not show up on overview and be scanable in the same category as magpie class MTU. Add as many restrictions as needed to limit abuse in power/server load.


You’re not the only one - I feel somewhat displaced in that my current POS structure is soon going away. Shame, because it was at least the right size for my needs - even an Astrahus is simply a bigger structure than I think I need or want.

The contrast between doing pitched battle in unfriendly space, then coming back to the safety and familiarity of what I call home is a study of contrast that makes the game better. Frankly, I’ll be missing such a (relatively) safe place all the more when Captain’s Quarters are abolished :frowning:

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They will be replaced :). I suppose you can have some peace-of-mind in knowing that it won’t just go away; you will have something in its place. I doubt that it would be replaced by an Astrahus, though.

I’ve ended up deploying a Raitaru, which is actually quite a nice structure. I’ll see how far it takes me.

The current citadel spam in hisec really makes navigating a pain. You need to scroll through tens of them to get to the gate you want (short of filtering them out).

This was one of the lies CCP had been telling for years and more recently settled on “screw you.” There was always a narrative that this type of thing would be coming ever since the first hints of POS replacements. Since the rollout of citadels, the narrative has changed. This will never ever ever happen now because it won’t drive those marketable fleet fights. And that’s the one and only thing CCP cares about. Not about fun. Not about rewarding gameplay. Not even about building a meaningful tribe. Fleet fights. Period. The end.


I disagree. EvE’s core has always been that the game is driven by players, and that losses are real and possible. Citadels make this more of a reality since you can literally lose your big space house if you screw up. Previously someone might take your space house but it might not have been a dead space house.

Citadels add a lot to the game; you have a real home that you can manipulate and directly control. Different citadels have different utility, which makes them very useful.

Sure, Citadels will drive large fleet fights. Is this a bad thing? PL anchored an Astrahus above BRAVE’s home Fortizar during the Belicose memorial. That’s dick but also ■■■■■■■ funny, and part of EvE. The Astrahus later got killed off, though not without creating its own content.

Rather control over your own structures with real consequences and losses than having some station you can conquer.

Citadels certainly help to build a meaningful “tribe.” The Citadel is yours; period. That grants a sense of pride, since you really do own that thing. You can use it to build stuff or kill stuff, or just have it sit there and look scary.

I’m in the process of anchoring a Raitaru and that has already provided me with some awesomeness. I get to watch my baby Raitaru get constructed, and will eventually be able to sit in it. That’s super ■■■■■■■ awesome.

As a solo or nomadic play style, which I do love and enjoy the most being so close to what I think space would really be like… the POS holds an advantage I’m not sure most understand. I am sad to see it leaving the game because I enjoy so much being able to use it. I hate fueling it, etc… whatever. doesnt even matter. All I need is a shield I can warp my ships to in case a sig pops… or in case I see d scan… or in case I need to refit or take a break, go to bed…

The citadels are great! I love them. The engineering ones, I wish the med could dock capitals, I could invest sub 1 billion isk for that… but a Fortizar or Sotiyo is way to much… hear me out please, Im sure your gears are turning bursting with a response.

From a pvp perspective, someone who is willing to solo capitals in a wh is PRIME pvp opportunity. Id imagine you would want to encourage idiots who want to under secure their wh and runs sites with no corp or fleet around to protect it. This is the risk, and tbh, its quite exciting from the farmers perspective too, because, I could get lucky and not have any issues.

I need something I can deploy in 30 min, that will act like a pos, at least letting me refit and remain invulnerable while attached or docked.

I need something that can be scooped up in 30 min, and will fit in a t2 dst…

I need something that can compete with the price of a small pos, but provide as much protection from a hostile gang or fleet… something under the price of the med citadels.

I am not sure if it has been mentioned but I would assume so,… small citadels… can we please have a small citadel that caps can dock in, for null sec, wh, ls, roaming gangs can drop as a personal or corp structure? or something like it… I dont care if it looks like a car garage… or the xl sma… that thing kinda looked cool imho, and that floating in space could provide temporary shelter and log off capability.

For farmers who want to make their own isk… or who want to get away from high sec or normal wh life… nomadic is king. I guess its just want you really want to do, and Im one that likes to do many things. I know I am not the only one.

as if the 3 bil pods and 4 bil dreads are not investment enough… lmao. you gotta risk a 7 bil fortizar too…

People would just say, log off… look, if thats you, Ill just say, we all have our opinions. but here, it is up to YOU to put yourself in anothers perspective. Ive seen so many game changes because of how the game works with thousands of players involved. what about changes for one or six.

a large mobile depot is all you need that can tether a cap and below or something. IDK i dont care about specifics. just something to that effect. I would like to see small citadels or pos like things that you can dock in, deploy in space anywhere, and maybe even not be scanable. make a covert one but has a limited time it will stay anchored… like 48 hours or something, something long enough to clear a wh full of sites… so a few days. Something to provide a scout protection while he is braving hte fronts of hostile space… there are many benefits of a temporary BOA. think of it like a BOB, a bug out bag, your tent, food, med supplies, all on your back.

that will give incentive for more pvp rolling too… and im not really thinking on how this would effect others aspects of the game yet so… ill sit n smoke on that too… interesting topic though and i vote for something we can use.


I personally agree there needs to be something you can throw on the back of an orca or even the back of a porpoise and take off and go exploring when you put it down it takes 30 minutes to set up then it’s inv invulnerable for like 72 hours to make it activate the shielding again but honestly I don’t see CCP doing something that would make a darn bit of Common Sense

I know this is an old thread but I feel ya. I have often used my Orca as an RV of sorts but it still doesn’t quite feel like one. I wouldn’t mind having one even if it had restrictions. Preferably something that is mainly used in safe spots away from belts, planets and stations and serves as nothing more than a camp site for rest if the system you live in doesn’t have a station but don’t have the resources to build and maintain a citadel.


I here you I carry a full mining fleet and a straitos in my orca, carried a nighthawk for lvl 4s until the heavy missile nerfs

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Not having something like this is probably why I don’t want to bother with anything but Highsec now that I play solo with an alt or two.

I would just need compression, one remote controlled gun, maybe a need of fuel but not medium structure like hungry and be cool with it.

A Veteran player told me the other night once they take POS is away they are not going to bring any smaller structures in you’re basically going to have to buy a citadel or engineering structure that’s really our only option now whether they change their mind once they removed POS is let’s yet to be seen what CCP they seem to be a lot like the US government slow as hell at anything they do laughing

I would love to see and Engineering structure smaller that could be anchored in unanchored and a half an hour with maybe at 5 minutes. Repair. What’s a decent defense system I’m not asking for a Full Scale engineering complex

I’m asking for something like a compressor and A reprocess array and somewhere you can put your ship but they would have to be a limit to that to maybe one orca and a couple of mining barges a few Destroyers I would also limit the items hanger to maybe 1 billion 3m that’s a number I just threw out the top of my head folks

also the inventor ability would be nice but people tend to be whiny and they say inventor ability is unfair my thing is as long as it has fuel in it you should be able to go out and do your thing but I’m too worried about some jack wagon coming along and destroying it but then again CCP seems to be catering to the hardcore jackasses that just want to go around and blowing everything up

Not granted if they would make an inventor ability area where no weapons could be used and you could just mine and reprocess you wouldn’t need the inventor ability above but the inventor belly above them talking about for someone to throw it on the back of an orca and go out ito 0.5 and do solo mining also like I was saying and another post

I believe they should get rid of the Wardec system for smaller corporations that’s also something I would pay extra for if they gave the option for like $5 a month to opt out of being Wardec I don’t think it’s good for a small Corporation I think you should have the option to pay extra to have that not on your head if you’re under a hundred people but then again CCP caters to the combat boys

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I have been thinking about this a lot lately as my play style is very nomadish. I think instead of trying to get small structures, which likely won’t happen, we look at maybe T2 mobile depots or something like that. So far my idea is basically this.

T2 mobile depot (tether)
100m3 with 5000m3 storage
Can repair like any other tether
When reinforced can not tether
Anchor time 5 min unanchor 5 min
Limit 1 in space despawns 72hrs if inactive

T2 mobile depot (compression)
100m3 with 5000m3 ore hold 100m3 regular hold
Can compress ore
When reinforced compression is offline
Anchor time 5 min unanchor 5 min
Limit 1 in space despawns 72hrs if inactive

T2 mobile depot (manufacture)
100m3 with 5000m3 mineral hold 100m3 regular hold
Has 1 manufacture slot (making ammo and consumables)
Anchor time 5 min unanchor 5 min
Limit 1 in space despawns in 72hrs if inactive

Now obviously numbers will need to be sorted to ensure its helpful but not abusable or OP but something like this would go a long way for the nomadic player or the solo guy. You can setup shop in the system or WH of choice farm your content then pack up and move on. I think an idea such as this has far more likelyhood of being implemented than small structures. So if anyone wants to contribute to this idea feel free as I don’t do Indy or mine so I don’t really know what would be helpful there.

I’m thinking and reading other forms post here’s my recommendation

Here’s what it comes down to guys CCP has became greedy Jack wagons and they want to charge you for craziness the cheapest you can buy as like 725 million for a Raitaru

as a one-man Corp just building myself up because

I want to do the corporation thing to be a mining Corporation in the future I have no need for something that big

I need something I can put my orca my venture and my stuff in that I can keep fueled up and has decent protection for high security space

My proposal is something that is like this it takes 15 minutes to Anchor it takes 15 minutes to unanchor it has a storage space of 100,000,000 m3 that includes an item hanger and a ship hanger that would be large enough to store an orca

a couple Ventures and some material with a compression array and a reprocessing facility but this needs to be able to fit in the back of a porpoise or an orca

you shouldn’t need to have to get it around preferably anyways that’s my two cents in the matter now what CCP do something like that I doubt it because they’re greedy

This feels like it belongs in another thread topic instead of wormhole space…

Assuming we plan to make small and tiny versions of the existing structures (I won’t bother to give names to any of them) we’d need to reduce their ability to do things proportionally.

A smaller version of a citadel would only allow one service module while a tiny would have zero. A tiny could still technically host a corp office so I have no objections on either of these.

I would not agree to smaller versions of a refinery and I see zero reason to even think of a tiny version as it would have no ability to do what the player would deploy it for. No refinement and no reactions makes refinery a dull boy. A small version of moon mining capable would just hurt everybody who already deployed a medium which would feel like a massive nerf.

A small engineering complex would have one slot which would allow it to do the research it has bonus for but a tiny one would be too dangerous to deploy for anything with no modules to do what they’re intended for anyway.

In addition these objects should not be allowed to dock freighter/bowhead/orca if they’re small and nothing above cruiser if they’re tiny. Tiny places don’t get battle type docking. Sorry. Cost/benefit. Industrials are still allowed including their T2 versions at both of these locations but only a Porp can dock up. Otherwise keep their anchoring and unanchoring cycle the same. Leave the vulnerability at 3 hours as it just can’t get smaller than that.

Reduce the HP by an equal percentage comparing the large and x-large version.
Keepstar for example has 72m shield while Astrahus has only 4.8. 1/15th. Thus a tiny version would have 320k shields.
Fortizar vs Astrahus is 14.4 to 4.8 so 1/3rd would result in a small being 1.6m.

If we go Azbel vs Raitaru we’d be looking at 9.6/3.2 so still would be 1/3rd of 1.06 repeating. Evil…

That’s just shields. Armor and structure hp would be reduced equally as well. Tiny structures would need to be considered never low power mode though otherwise they’d be effortless to push over. I would also never see these in null space either as without concord protections they’d be dumpster destroyed so fast they’d be funny. A single Marauder could probably push both of these down alone.

Team Five-0 would need to speak up and consider the other effects such as costs to build and what benefits it would have. I’d consider half a bil for the tiny and 3/4ths for the small.

My proposal is something that is like this it takes 15 minutes to Anchor it takes 15 minutes to unanchor it has a storage space of 100,000,000 m3 that includes an item hanger and a ship hanger that would be large enough to store an orca

a couple Ventures and some material with a compression array and a reprocessing facility

this needs to be able to fit in the back of a porpoise or an orca you shouldn’t need to have to get it around preferably anyways that’s my two cents in the matter

Here’s my thing as long as fueled up it should have the same invulnerability Windows as a citadel

now what CCP do something like that I doubt it because they’re greedy

Might be ok for explorers. In first place small corp would like it until bigger corps would youse it for staging into the system. With the 24h anchoring you have a little Time to set up defense. With a structure, that you can’t kill for about a week and that costs nearly nothing we would see these structures everywhere in W-Space for evictions or just for annoying People.

I guess I’m just going to have to deal with it and figure it out I was just trying to get some ideas together