Bring Back POSs now that reactions are a bigger part of the game?

Here’s a hot-take. Since none of the old assets for Player Owned Starbase Structures have been removed from game. It’d be fairly easy to re-activate these for smaller corps unable to defend large upwell structures (that now are over 2b just to anchor) to do research and reactions at.

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Why though?

An Athanor is easier to defend than a POS.

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And why do we need more stuff being produced with meaningless effort?

Not sure about the OP take on it, but an Upwell structure takes a relatively long time to setup and take down, and cost a decent amount of fuel to turn on. So when you set it, it is more or less permanent.

A POS can be setup and taken down quickly and is cheap to fuel. With CCP’s apparent shift to nomadic gameplay, these would be more useful for the mobile corp.

Another option would be to introduce a line of small structures that replace the POS starbase structures. Something that could be moved around easily, but would be weaker against attackers. Utilizing its mobility as its best form of defense.


Yea won’t happen. Mostly because CCP hates touching the POS code. So the only thing they will probably ever do with it is hit delete eventually.

That’s too bad because people might have to turn to buying plex to fuel their POS with ice being in short supply if they go solo or smaller corp that is more mobile.

Player stations are ok but not for anything except compressing and refining, for jobs that involve minerals and materials, forget it as you don’t know when it will go offline and become a loot pinata.

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A pos is easier to deploy, at least in low/null though, and much faster in highsec

Yep this is the problem. If they iterated on POS’s they’d have to touch the POS code. It would probably be easier for them to start from scratch, and at that point it’s like… “why are we doing this?”

You can’t start from scratch in an existing system.
Start from scratch implies to make a new system. And possibly to make the same mistakes or even more than you made before.
“easier” sure. Efficient, not, since you know when you start, but that’s it.

Portable, deployable reactor with built in cloak for small scale production + new skill that increases reactor speed … I’m getting all giddy now.
Yep, miss the old POS towers too.

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