POS Structures

Alright so let’s talk about Player Owned Starbases. CCP has been slowly phasing them out for a while now and, to my knowledge, intends to completely remove them from the game in favour of Upwell structures. I personally am against this for the following reason: POS’s allow for a very nomadic playstyle in Eve that you don’t get with something like a Raitaru or Astrahus. Since the control tower only takes about 20-30 minutes to get up and running it allows players to set up in a system, do what they want for 2-5 days, then pack up and leave for another system. An Astrahus doesn’t allow this as it takes 24 hours to anchor, and another week to unanchor. While I do agree that POS’s shouldn’t be the staple for living and objectively less useful than Upwell structures, I don’t think they should be completely removed from the game so that we may preserve the nomadic playstyle that some players like myself enjoy.


Theres these things called Orcas.

They are even quicker to set up.


Perhaps, but an Orca doesn’t have a forcefield that will protect you

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Maybe not, but you can cloak it

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A POS is half the price, plus you don’t need an alt to permasit inside it for it to work


Orca doesnt need fuel, doesnt need other structures to use its storage and refitting systems, and carries onboard defence if all else fails AND can be a probeship backup if needed.

I believe part of the reason why POS’es are phased out is due to old code.

Looking for a source for the exact quote, and will post when I find it.

Here’s a video about Legacy code in general, and how fixing something can break something else…

Yeah, several years ago when they started with the deployable structures thing, they said they were working on a POS replacement. Even after structures they said it again. But so far we have the big structure bases and the extremely limited or utterly useless small deployables.

The MTU and the Depot being the limited ones.

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Don’t get me wrong, I actually agree with the OP, but Ive found using an Orca to be a fairly effective stand in.

However, you cant easily Blops an orca behind enemy lines and set it up as a great big deathball.

I kind of like the concept of POS - sort of an improvised base, a bridge head.

Maybe we should start lobbying for new POS code, then - where we get to keep the option of deploying “small to medium” structures for “fast and dirty” operations… :wink:

I for one would vote to keep them around, but with new and better code.


Forget about POSes. They are already written off and only awaiting complete removal. Whether it is bad or good is useless discussion at this point. CCP made their plan and is following on it.

Now it’s only structures (and Orca).


I dont think you need to, while Im not a person to have trust in a company in any real way, I do believe they are doing something now they have locked in Structures and their basic functions.

I did wonder why they made the basic Astrohouse and Retardo so enormous when they dont do a whole lot.

But if you have never lived out of an Orca, give it a try.

Its more fun that you might think.

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I always read POS Structures as Piece Of Sh… Structures
I guess its appropriate now :stuck_out_tongue:

They are going to be adding a smaller structure for establishing a beachhead but its not going to be the same as existing POS, they are going to be easier to remove and not offer the same level of protection as they are just meant for use as a staging structure not something to be lived out of so they won’t have any storage to speak of and be much easier to remove

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inB4 player-owned FOBs…

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pos probably havent been deleted yet because theyll probably break the coding of the game in some other area since the devs dont even know what they are reading lol


Oh you are going to make me say that corny ■■■■ again :blush:

Friendship is the Best Ship

And it is not being removed from the game… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Which is the awesomest reason of all