Old Moon Mining Equipment

Do we know whats happening with old moon mining equipment yet? For example, will there be a buy back of Moon Harvesting Arrays / Silos and eventually towers?

I’n sure this must be somewhere, but my searches don’t seem to find any posts / articles.

Reprocess xD

I hope the reprocessing is 100%, that would work good.

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There’s normally a scheme in place for this kind of stuff that allows CCP to buy back. Reprocessing might be quick, but could just lose you isk in the long run.

CCP will either buy it back or replace it with something of equivalent value that is needed for the new process. This doesn’t seem to be a priority so you may need to wait until feature parity is achieved and POS are removed completely.

I put a ticket in because materials for 10 capital ship parts were put into the cap array with bpc but just disappeared into a black hole.

There will be a buyback program for Moon harvesting Arrays, Silos and Control Towers, this was said when CCP first started on replacing the POS mechanics, as to when and how it will happen has yet to be set in stone.

Buyback program will probably be automatic, as in any item in your assets will be removed and you will probably be given ISK as compensation.

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