POS Related Items and BPOs

HI All,

Have been away for quite a while and have a bunch of POS related BPOs and modules sitting in my hanger. Some of the BPOs have been converted to the Upwell system, but a lot havent.

Im stuck wondering what to do with them. I cant imagine the modules would really sell anymore right? The financials on producing from the converted BPOs looks rubbish too.

Keep them for when the conversion is finished or try and sell what I can?


I would say that unless you are in need of ISK to sit on them and wait until they are converted or the ISK refunded for the original BPO (depending on what CCP choose to do)

Mail me in game with a price list. I might be interested in purchasing them if you know longer want/need them.

I was holding onto several Reprocessing Array BPOs just as a collector’s item, but CCP converted them into Standup Ice Reprocessing BPOs. :frowning: I’d be willing to bet that CCP will eventually get to all of the modules and convert them into Upwell versions of Standup facility BPOs as well.

I was kinda hoping they’d keep 'em the way they were so we could have something to remember POSes with, but alas.

Yeah, I bought some orbital bombardment ammo BPO’s when I was a young industrialist who had no idea what they were for. When I heard Dust 514 was being shut down, I thought they might become a collectors item. Unfortunately, they got converted to normal ammo BPO’s.

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