WTS Loot in Bulk!

I have recently started coming into a lot of gank loot. I want to unload it at a fair rate and not have to deal with managing it all.

I can contract the loot in high sec or get it back to Jita, I just cannot be bothered to sell it properly.

Not sure how this type of thing usually goes but hit me up to discuss!

(Were talking about 40-60b a month hopefully)


Sounds nefarious.

Why not use High Sec/Low Sec Buyback?
Saves you the trouble of selling it all

Id assume there are some out there that can beat that price! I also am having touble with items that need to be contracted such as BPO/BPC. Hard to value.

Contact me with bpos or rare bpcs.

Avelarlus Amilupar

Why don’t you set yourself up with a trading alt who sells things for you near a trade hub. The character could even be an Alpha that you max out your social skills on. You could put them in a player hub in or near the trade hub (Dodixie or Jita for example) and then have the alt place the market orders for you and sell your loot and try to get the best prices for them. You might not get immediate returns but in the long term you’ll make better ones trading that way. That’s likely how the Buyback programs the big boy corps use operate. You’ll pay less in broker fees and taxes.

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For BPCs those can be sold via contract. Look up what people are selling them for in local trade hubs. BPOs can be sold either directly at trade hubs or if you research them fully you can also sell them via contract.

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You can also contact me for those as well I buy BPCs and BPOs.

If you want to message me in game I can send you a list!!

Do you have an evepraisal (or whatever were calling it now) list of non-BPCs/BPOs?

Yes but it doesn’t show upgrades.

Let’s talk business, send me a mail in game :slight_smile:

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