WTS Some of my T2 BPOs


im thinking about to sell some of the following BPOs. Important to know, im not stressed and not in need of Cash. Please only serious and correct offers.

Offers can be sent to Jacky Moon on this forum or In Game.


Other Items in stock:

  • Retro Naglfar (2 launchers + 2 turrets fitted)
  • interdictors with double bubble fit
  • 1st Claw built in EVE (from my BPO, loooong time ago)

The BPOs are located in High Sec within 6 Jumps from Jita.
BP For Sale:
Blueprint - ME/TE - Min Sell Price
Claw - 9|18 - 110b ISK
Signal Amplifier II - 10|20 - 40b

For Sale if the price is really good:
Dual 650mm Repeating Cannon II - 10/20 -
Co-Processor II - 8/16 -
Crane - 10/18 -
Crow - 9/18 -
Sensor Booster II - 10|20 -
Small Armor Repairer II - 10|20 -
Medium Armor Repairer II - 10|20 -
Explosive Plating II - 10|20 -
Explosive Shield Hardener II - 10|20 -
Inferno Rage Rocket - 10|20 -
Medium Armor Repairer II - 10|20 -
Mjolnir Rage Rocket - 0|18 -
Mobile Medium Warp Disruptor II - 10|18 -
Scourge Precision Cruise Missile - 10|16 -
Small Remote Shield Booster II - 10|20 -
Tracking Disruptor II - 10|20 -

Cheetah - 9/18 - SOLD
5MN Microwarpdrive II - 0/16 - SOLD
1400mm Howitzer Artiellery II - 10/16 - SOLD
Small Shield Extender II - 10|20 - SOLD
Bustard - 10/18 - SOLD
Prowler - 10|18 - SOLD
Vespa II - 0|18 - SOLD

5MN Microwarpdrive II Blueprint 1400mm Howitzer Artillery II Blueprint Bustard Blueprint Cheetah Blueprint Crane Blueprint Crow Blueprint Dual 650mm Repeating Cannon II Blueprint Explosive Plating II Blueprint Explosive Shield Hardener II Blueprint Inferno Rage Rocket Blueprint Medium Armor Repairer II Blueprint Mobile Medium Warp Disruptor II Blueprint Prowler Blueprint Scourge Precision Cruise Missile Blueprint Sensor Booster II Blueprint Signal Amplifier II Blueprint Small Armor Repairer II Blueprint Small Remote Shield Booster II Blueprint Small Shield Extender II Blueprint Tracking Disruptor II Blueprint Vespa II Blueprint

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@Legit_Salesgirl given your business acumen and presence on the forums…rather shocked your not offering to purchase everything

who says I didn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

each 50b?

lol no comment :stuck_out_tongue:

no what. both together. will make it 85b total for the small extender one as well :stuck_out_tongue:

the small extender for 35b is ok… contract up?

Hmm how about 90 for all 3 :upside_down_face:

50 billion for the 5mn II?


@Electric_Worry 50b for 5mn II -> its yours -> contract is up.

@Legit_Salesgirl Like you tend to say… im looking for a bit more :wink:

i know you can do better, and we both know they are worth a bit more.

Hmm true but will leave it to the real t2 bpo buyers good luck on ur sales :heart:


Never good to admit you’re not a real t2 bpo buyer.

She is a super hot reseller :wink:

Hey. I am atleast Honest and legit :slight_smile:

T2 BPOs are like the last little grey area of pricing for me still figuring them out , worked well on the deal with your ones but apart from that I got no ■■■■■■■ clue what those are really worth :rofl:

Have you seen the min sell prices?

I can give you a free double bubble :wink: but im not lowering my min prices.

fair enough will delete my offers gl on ur sales :ok_hand:

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85bil for both:
1400mm -
Small Shield Extender II -

@Dai_Kyoko Looks like a fair offer, ill contact you tomorrow.

Cheetah BPO sold to in game offer.