WTS various researched BPOs

2 x Fighter Support Unit I 7/14 BPO - 320m ea
1 x Capital Doomsday Weapons Mount 8/16 BPO - 4.125b
1 x Capital Construction Parts 8/16 BPO - 1.69b ea
2 x Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 8/16 BPO - 2.08b ea
2 x Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint 8/18 BPO - 1.04b ea

Convo or EVEMail Aldurin Pollard if you want to negotiate! All located in Jita 4-4 and on public contracts rn if you don’t want to wait




still got plenty available!

still selling these!

blueprints are selling! get em while you can!

still for sale!

bpos are going!

still for sale!

bumperino still selling these

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