Large BPO Collection For Sale (Ammo, Modules, Hulls, Cap Parts, Cap Hulls)

I am looking to sell a large amount of researched BPOs. All of them are located in Jita 4-4 for your convenience. Most of them are researched to 10/20. All of the blueprints are listed on this spreadsheet along with the researched levels for both ME and TE as well as asking price for each one (lowest available in Jita at time of posting). A few have not been priced, but feel free to put an offer while I’m still updating the sheet. I will update the sheet as they sell so it is clear what is still available.

I will check this thread for offers or send an Eve mail to keep orders private. All sales via private contracts.

I will take the capital construction parts for the 1.3b


Contract is up.

I have added price for a few more items as well as removed some that sold.

Can yo do these

Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint 10 20
Capital Computer System Blueprint 10 20
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint 10 20
Capital Drone Bay Blueprint 10 20
Capital Jump Drive Blueprint 10 20
Capital Power Generator Blueprint 10 20


Meet in the middle at an even 13b?

Spreadsheet updated again

250m for neresus, sigil and venture?

will take fighter support unit for 200m

Contracts are up

Some prices updated and sold BPOs removed from the sheet.

Still have LOTS of blueprints available.

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