Capital parts BPOs (Sold)

I have the following BPOs available, they’re all researched to 9/16 and located in Jita.
I’m looking for about 25B for the lot, or if a reasonable offer comes up
Individual BPOs can be picked up upon request, but the more that goes the better

Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint
Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint
Capital Computer System Blueprint
Capital Construction Parts Blueprint
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint
Capital Drone Bay Blueprint
Capital Jump Drive Blueprint
Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint
Capital Power Generator Blueprint
Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint
Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint
Capital Siege Array Blueprint
Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint

Still available

Not yet sold

Still there

Market’s still open

consider researching them to me10 and then selling

You’d in theory save around 5M/100 units crafted in one go between ME9 and ME10. I’d leave that decision to the new owner.

Speaking of, still looking for said new owner

Here be blueprints

22b I will take them all

I’ll take it, unless I hear a better offer within 24h.
Otherwise you’ll have the contract by downtime tomorrow, sounds good?

sounds good

Buyer backed out, all items still available

Still there

Blueprints be there


Market’s still open

Still available

I’ll take them for 20b contract to this char


The whole stack has been sold for 21B. Thank you for your interest.

Fly safe o7