[SOLD] Capital Component BPOs 10/20

All are currently located in Jita.

Capital Computer System Blueprint 2B
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay 2.5B
Capital Jump Drive 2.2B
Capital Sensor Cluster 2B
Capital Shield Emitter 2.4B
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 2.4B
Capital Cargo Bay 1.4B
Capital Clone Vat Bay 2.6B

Buy more than one, and I’ll knock 100M off the price of each BPO. Or you can buy them all for 16.5B, a savings of 1B over buying them individually.

Good day, I would like them all at the best possible price you can contact to me.

In game now to discuss

CozmoKramer never responded to emails and never closed on the contract, so these are still available. Updated the pricing and terms as well. Looking to move these BPOs…

These have been sold. Thanks everyone.

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