WTS Cap Part BPO set 10/20

All BPOs are in Jita 4-4. Willing to give a discount if purchasing all. Sum of all below is around 30b,

Capital Turret Hardpoint - 10/20 - 2.3b
Capital Siege Array - 10/20 - 2.5b
Capital Ship Maintenance Array - 10/20 - 1.9b
Capital Shield Emitter - 10/20 - 1.6b
Capital Sensor Cluster - 10/20 - 1.4b
Capital Propulsion Engine - 10/20 - 1.65b
Capital Power Generator - 10/20 - 1.75b
Capital Jump Drive - 10/20 - 1.8b
Capital Drone Bay - 10/20 - 1b
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay - 10/20 - 2b
Capital Construction Parts - 10/20 - 1.35b
Capital Computer System - 10/18 - 1.7b
Capital Clone Vat Bay - 10/20 - 2b
Capital Cargo Bay - 10/20 - 1.3b
Capital Capacitor Battery - 10/20 - 1.5b
Capital Armor Plates - 10/20 - 1.6b



15b offer

Free bump \0/


20 bill offer

Serious offers only please.

Free bump



I’ll offer 22B which is just above NPC sell.

Sorry, thats too low. Are you willing to offer higher? The research levels are posted above.

Nope, you are missing some critical ones in there (EG. Launcher Hardpoints), I’ll have to source them elsewhere, and if I end up having to buy and research myself, I may as well do the entire lot. 22B is my final offer, let me know, otherwise good luck.

Sorry man, I would rather wait for a better offer.

You’ve had them up for 2 months now, I don’t think you will get better offers, good luck though!

Fair, but also not in any rush to sell.


Bump! Gear up for upcoming indy changes with more BPOs!