Sold - thanks!

Looking to move this batch as a lot. Not going to part out individually. Price is the same as NPC sale price for unresearched BPOs, so you’re getting the research for free - my need for an urgent capital infusion after coming back to the game following a multi-year break is your gain!

All are ME 10/TE 20 unless indicated otherwise.

I’ll also throw in a bunch of max run component BPCs I have lying around.


Capital Armor Plate (1.291b)
Capital Capacitor Battery (1.146b)
Capital Cargo Bay (833m)
Capital Computer System (1.228b)
Capital Construction Parts (1.005b)
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay (1.670b)
Capital Drone Bay (.872b)
Capital Drone Bay (.872b)
Capital Jump Drive (1.663b)
Capital Power Generator (1.360b)
Capital Power Generator (1.360b)
Capital Propulsion Engine (1.253b)
Capital Sensor Cluster (1.202b)
Capital Shield Emitter (1.306b)
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay (1.697b)
Capital Siege Array (1.543b)
Capital Turret Hardpoint (1.462b)


Archon - ME 6/TE 0 (1.1b)
Naglfar - ME 6/TE 0 (1.85b)

Total Sell Price - 24.713b

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Responded. Set of BPOs still available. Would prefer not to separate the components from the ships and to handle the whole thing as a single transaction.

I will take these. Contract up to me please.

Great - will get the contract up shortly.

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