[SOLD/PLEASE LOCK] 5/10 and 14/20 Capital Component BPOs

EDIT: All items have sold. Thanks for your business.

Selling the following BPOs, each researched to ME 5/10 and TE 14/20;

  • Capital Armor Plates Blueprint
  • Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint
  • Capital Construction Parts Blueprint
  • Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint

They are priced at 1.5 bil individually (base price of 1 bil from NPC seed plus 500 million compensation for research time investment) or 1.3 bil each if you purchase the set. I’ll also throw in a free Providence BPC (9/10 and 10/20) to anyone buying two or more. They are currently located in Amarr - Emperor Family Academy.

Contact me here or through mail if interested.

Price marked down to 750 million each. I would like to move these quick. Feel free to message me here or mail me in-game if you are interested.

Mail sent.

My sincere apologies, @MT_Han. Between my last post and your response someone else mailed me a bid without posting in this thread. I feel it would only be fair to honor the person who contacted me in-game first. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Contract has gone up and sale is complete. This thread may be closed.