WTS Capital BPOs

Looking to sell the following BPOs, all located in Jita 4-4.

Capital Components, researched to 10/16:

  • Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint @ 1.17b
  • Capital Jump Drive Blueprint @ 2.33b
  • Capital Siege Array Blueprint @ 2.16b
  • Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint @ 2.05b
  • Capital Power Generator Blueprint @ 1.90b [SOLD]
  • Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint @ 1.76b [SOLD]
  • Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint @ 1.68b [SOLD]
  • Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint @ 1.83b [SOLD]
  • Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint @ 2.38b [SOLD]
  • Capital Computer System Blueprint @ 1.72b [SOLD]
  • Capital Construction Parts Blueprint @ 1.41b [SOLD]
  • Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint @ 2.34b [SOLD]
  • Capital Armor Plates Blueprint @ 1.81b [SOLD]
  • Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint @ 1.61b [SOLD]
  • Capital Drone Bay Blueprint @ 1.22b [SOLD]
  • Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint @ 1.95b [SOLD]

Capital ships, researched to 8/12:

  • Nidhoggur Blueprint @ 1.61b
  • Nidhoggur Blueprint @ 1.61b

Mail me ingame if possible.


Bumpety bump

To te top!

Still selling these for under market prices.

Bump - most are gone but some are still for a great price!

mail sent

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