WTS full set T2 Minmatar Drone BPOs


this is your chance!
Grab a full set of T2 Minmatar Drone BPOs:
1x Berserker II BPO 10/20 - 108 B
1x Valkyrie II BPO 10/20 - 109 B
1x Warrior II BPO 10/20 - 110 B

or all 3 for just 300 B


All located @Jita4-4.

I’ve just received a 150 B offer via EVE mail.
Anybody else interested?

They worth more than that

Gallente and Caldari light drone BPO’s were selling for 90b and more

Okay, we are @180 B for the whole package currently.

Some people asked about trading stuff.
You can put your T2 ship BPOs in the balance, but please keep your AT ships because I’ve no use for them.

Last offer was 185 B via Eve Mail, despite that I’ve already received one at 190 B 3 days ago.
Well, I guess that happens when you don’t care about this forum…whatever.

Taking the gloves off - I’m looking for offers around 300 B for the whole package.
Or: offer me some T2 BPOs (+ ISK) if you mind.

190 B currently. Bump.

Nach oben.

What?! Last post 5 days ago??!? BUMP!

are you interested in separating them?

Depends on your offer, Miss!
Feel free to write me in-game for negotiations - I’ll respond within the next 3 hours (because I’m currently at work).

Up up up

BPOs are still available

how much for the warrior II?

Also interested in the Warrior II

Prices are set in main post now.

Happy Tuesday!

200 for the set.
Please mail me in game,

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