WTS 3x T2 Drone BPOs

1x Warrior II BPO
1x Valkyrie II BPO
1x Beserker II BPO


Mail me your offers.

This evemail message is subject to a CSPA service charge of 100 000 ISK, which you must accept to complete the invitation.


Can’t afford that?
Then maybe this is not your league.

It’s just silly if u want to sell something… so I pass thanks

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I’m here doing business and not to argue with some amateurs.

@others: thank you for your offers and invitations so far!
I’ll be back tomorrow and hope we can make some or an agreement (depends ofc on further offers).

The only amateur is someone who puts up a sales ad and then charges people to just talk to him… thats also pretty narcistic but ok.

Good luck on ur sale


100b for the pack

150b for the lot.

160 for the pack

I’m pretty sure Legit Salesgirl can afford those BPO’s 10 times over…


Currently we are at exactly 300,000,000,000.01 ISK. (300B and 0.01)

Hello …?? Anyone here?? Is this dead??

Free bump