All sold

all sold


20b offer

Legit Salesgirl blocked for being poor…

Blocked for saying “Offers welcome” and then Blocking people for making offers :ok_hand:

You are an *** if you think someone is selling it for 20b…

Dude… it was just an offer relax… why are u so offended :smiley:

Your offer is offending…

Then ignore it and don’t be triggerd like a SJW… for god sake…

typical goon…

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Without the intend of offending you but why would he or she or it pay more in the forum than in jita?!
He she or it offered 20b and in jita its 21b.

So now that i am kind of unsure if I even should add a number for the item I would be interested in.
How much do you want for Draclira’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb?

I don’t see a 21b DCU but I’d definitely buy one at that price :stuck_out_tongue:

Salesgirl always lowballs so those reactions are bound to happen.

Can you mail me your desired prices for the DCU, cloak, smartbomb and sebo

They are worth 24-25b (Market History) So how is a 20b offer a lowball?
I would be more then happy to have similiar offers on my stuff all the time to fall back on a offer if I need quick isk?

See it as something positive rather then "Oh no she offerd 15% less then it is worth execute her :parrot:

As a Instant Buy order which people can dump on if they have to… it is a service that is heavily underestimated my offer is 9b over any Buyorder in the game for that mod…
If u block people and hate on people for making good Buy orders… then you are just dumb , I dumped a lot of stuff already to “Lowballs” and I am super happy they exist… sometimes 20b more or not can matter for a bigger goal.

Hope that clears it a bit up. And I encourage everyone to (Reasonable) Lowball everything it keeps the Trading going and leads sometimes to very interesting negotiations!

Thanks for your time even if an ISD is most likely going to delete this :ok_hand:

Hmm do have to agree with you there. Recently had to firesale some stuff for a new toy.

That being said - 23b for the DCU as a starter. Seems like the last few have sold at 26-24b off market.

You got mail :slightly_smiling_face:

4.5b for estamels cloak