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I wanted to offer 151 but I guess you won’t take it :frowning:


Thanks for the free bump!

Not so free bump…

Don’t buy this, spend your isk on items of value

(Enjoy your free bump, as you love them so much)

Not sure why some people care what others spend their isk on, guess it wouldn’t be EVE without a few people getting a bit worked up over something like this. Anywho, I can confirm as the last buyer that I paid 125b for it (70b and an additional 55b in faction battleships).

Couldn’t be happier to have it as part of my apparel collection. Cheers. o7

(screenshot of the exchange)


To the top…

How come the right one is rather cheap but left is so rare and expensive? free bump btw.

its a scam… there is ONE on the market for less than 200m. with a buy order for over 400m… but its in escrow. so when you try to sell it. it comes up as them not having enough funds to buy the item. its the same person with both orders. so they get your money for the item that is over priced with you thinking you can just resell it to the buy order which really doesnt exist. classic scam

Sure thing bub. I too speak on things I have no clue about. Thanks for the bump. So you’re telling me I need to scam for 400 mil when I have trillions at my disposal?

well one makes trillions buy making 400m on easy stuff. . the item is clealy on the market. in jita. for way less than 125b.

also, if 400m is nothing. than feel free to deposit that amount into my account., otherwise, yes, scamming 400m is a way to gain trillions over time. everyone starts with hardly any isk.

Take a screenshot where its on the market for 400 mil… On sell orders.

We’re talking about the left monocle here.

your post says “left” and this market says “left” so… yes>?

Where’s the one for way less than 150 bil???

ha was just edited. i see you changed the price on it. :slight_smile:

Show me how to play eve on my phone.

you can. use team viewer

Maybe you can but you clearly can’t use your brain. How long ago was the price updated on the order in game? Thanks for playing moron. Now leave my thread at once and go scam 400 mil until you become a trillionaire…

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