Wish i had 150b to spare lmao

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Offering a 25% stake in Draclira’s Molok

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Just a polite heads up… The last sale of a similar item was from the same selled around 2 months ago for 120b.

I messaged the seller advising I would be happy to pay the same amount, subject to seeing a screengrab of the previous sale. i.e. is it BS to inflate the price.

His response: Price is non negotiable.

Quite a rude response, not what’s expected when one comes to part with such a sum of isk.

Caveat emptor

It was clearly in the post in the first place. Some people can’t read. Considering there are only 8, your options are extremely limited. gl

Considering the price your options are limited, too.

Though coming to your point about reading. I suspect you may fall short here. I’m inferring you’re inflating the price with fake posts.
Furthermore, if you’d read my mail and said “here is the proof of transfer @ 120b, but I can’t take less than 150b for it”, it would have added credibility to your claim.

But no, you went with the wrong option and you’ve lost my interest.

GL with your sale, be it bogus or not.


So what you are saying is there is 1 less monocle on the market and he is rude for charging more for the next one on market?

Honestly 150b seems like a great deal. Stop white knighting pricing

Here’s one I sold earlier for ~125b:-

Nvm… Gtfo

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Sorry, are you buying this?

You can buy the one off of the market.

I still don’t think you’ve understood. I’m saying that I believe you’re lying.

I’ll buy it for 150b if you can prove that last one sold for the price as per your previous thread.


I don’t care what you’re trying to prove. Item is withdrawn from sale. Good day.

Sorry, did you get triggered? Or have I offended your ego?

Was just looking for facts. If you can’t or won’t provide them then…

I posted a screenshot of my sale, wasn’t that good enough? I have a feeling you don’t really want to buy one.

Why would you blank our the issuer? Makes no sense.

It’s a private contract and I didn’t ask whether the buyer wanted their name made public.

Dude its his item. He can ask for a tril if he wants to. Instead you just â– â– â– â–  up his sale thread like a mongo

Negative… I just looked at my wallet again and don’t really need the isk. :ok_hand:

Lmao. Cody trolling at its best.