[WTA] Revenant




Bump! Highest offer is 130 billions.

You want WTT? Revenant + isk for Tiamat

Not really interested in a trade unless it’s a pretty good deal. Bump!


Lowsec station.

north, south, east west?

Caldari space. It can be moved.

can offer you revenant bpc + 15b

Bump! Offers are still too low. I will be closing the auction in a week, no seriously interested parties are presenting themselves.

The other one for sale on this forum sold yesterday at 115bil and you are saying 130 is too low…gg

It’s not my problem some other idiot decided to sell his assets below current market worth. If that was even a real sale.

Also, I did not say 130billions was too low, I said the highest offer thus far was 130billions.

Thanks for the bump.

New high bid is 132billions.

Bump! Offer retracted, highest offer is 127billions.

130 billion

Bump! Highest offer is 130billions. I will be closing bidding in 1 weeks time.


High bid retracted. 127billions is current high bid.

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