[WTA] Revenant

(Opus's Slave) #1

Mail or post offers.


(fred Uanid) #2


(Opus's Slave) #3

Bump! Highest offer is 130 billions.

(Phobic) #4

You want WTT? Revenant + isk for Tiamat

(Opus's Slave) #5

Not really interested in a trade unless it’s a pretty good deal. Bump!

(jarack) #6


(Opus's Slave) #7

Lowsec station.

(jarack) #8

north, south, east west?

(Opus's Slave) #9

Caldari space. It can be moved.

(Queen of Rakapas) #10

can offer you revenant bpc + 15b

(Opus's Slave) #11

Bump! Offers are still too low. I will be closing the auction in a week, no seriously interested parties are presenting themselves.

(xTIGGERx) #12

The other one for sale on this forum sold yesterday at 115bil and you are saying 130 is too low…gg

(Opus's Slave) #13

It’s not my problem some other idiot decided to sell his assets below current market worth. If that was even a real sale.

Also, I did not say 130billions was too low, I said the highest offer thus far was 130billions.

Thanks for the bump.

(Opus's Slave) #14

New high bid is 132billions.

(Opus's Slave) #15

Bump! Offer retracted, highest offer is 127billions.


130 billion

(Opus's Slave) #17

Bump! Highest offer is 130billions. I will be closing bidding in 1 weeks time.

(Opus's Slave) #18


(Opus's Slave) #19

High bid retracted. 127billions is current high bid.

(Opus's Slave) #20