Sold Revenant

-Maila Keepstar
-38 killmarks
-3 t2 Trimarks
-Im not moving it to aunenen or whatever.

Price: 110b
You can contact me ingame to discuss, but i’d rather have all the bids there for clarity.

Edit: Proof

It can be discussed ingame if Needed


ive got a 130b bid ingame, bumped

why do people keep putting rare ships up here and claiming ingame bids. no one believes it. stick it on auction on contracts then advertise the contract here. that we we can all see the real in game bids if we are interested.

In game auctions are no better when they can be shill bidded with an alt.

Comments like these come from people who shouldn’t even bother looking at these threads. I anon bid all the time and a lot of my buyers do the same thing. Sometimes people don’t want post on the forums with ‘’ Oh hey look at me buy a rev’’

Also contracts are a relatively low visibility way of selling some of the best items in this game. Even CCP recognized that this year in FF. Not to mention the tax in this would be in the billions

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Contract fees would not hit in the billions.


If you said so …
Im leaving 2 or 3 mores days and i’ll probably accept it.

Bump price reduced to 125b.
Looks like bidder was a meme.

yea one sold for 110 yesterday. with another besides your forsale still.

Yeh sorry I cancelled you contract as I got one for 110 and better rigs

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I will offer 108b, the 110 that the last one went for minus 2b for the cost of new rigs.
I know you have some sentimental value attached to her, and I appreciate that. Unfortunately, it’s not a value added item.

no ty, The 110b one was firesaled, and sold under 2hours cause of his dumb price.



Friendly advice. About 2 revenants sold recently for 110+, before that they were all going for 80-100. Now everyone who has one saw this and are trying to sell it because they want to make a big return. Problem is now they aren’t in as high of demand, and there is more supply, so the price is correcting :slight_smile:

Im fine and not in a hurry.
Other one in aunenen is pricier, and the last is in deklein so lol.
Bumpy bump.

I’ve got a Revenant also and personally wouldn’t sell mine for less than 140B. You do you, Beekillrz. There’s hardly any of these being farmed anymore, don’t let these poors convince you to sell it for less than it’s worth.

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