WTS Revenant

Bought a BPC and i am in the process of having the ship built its due out on the 21st of April i have recently purchased a hull that is in a location more suited for me so i have decided to part ways with this second one when its ready it will be delivered to Aunenen Keepstar.

Starting Bid 120Bil

100b bid

101b bid

I dont want to play the 1b isk game, PM me in game, I will meet your buyout, isk ready.

105b ISK in hand.

110b isk

Thanks i sunk 111bil into having this ship built as the BPC prices are crazy atm i will let this run for 24 hours and the highest bid take it or if anyone wants to PM a nice B/O id be happy to accept a good offfer. Thanks

111 Bil

115b isk

130b b\o

135b offer

offers discussed in game ship on reserve until built highest bidder will have 1 day to accept the contract. if not done so it will then go to the next highest bidder

Ships due out of build on Saturday 21st April so i will re open this Auction just now it will close on Sunday 22nd April. Contract will be made available to the winner in the Aunenen Keepstar

110 wtb bpc

if you have bpc can be sold directly to me
Can save you waiting time

Cant you read its the Hull im selling

I only need blueprints for collection
I don’t plan to build it lol

Well i only have the ship

If you have a chance later
Or you can contact GM to have them recover lol

Hello, what is the sale price ? (“If you wish to auction an item, please use the auctions subcategory”)