WTS Revenant BPC

WTS Revenant BPC
offers ingame mail or here
lowballs will be ignored

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90b offer

already have 90b offer ingame

ninety five

96b offer

there are a lot ingame offers, so ill update highest bid here:
current highest bid 120b

UPD2: better bid here so everyone can see actual price, bidding will be completed 25.04.2023

offer 127b

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ok, it seems there are two players left who really want it
I will presumably finish taking bets at 14:00 ET
but each bid before this time will extend the auction by 1 hour to allow other bidders to bid

134b offer


@Yik_trade @Lv224 it seems only you two left interesting in this bpc
im really want to finish at 14:00 ET, so if someone of you quit auction let me know

offer 133.5b


ok i see edited post with 131,1b
let’s not play micro bets and bet at least 0.5b

P.S. - the shinny already in Jita and waiting the winner :smiling_face:

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Have to retract my offer


i have to finish it today
highest bid for now: 134b

UPD: ok last hour before bidding end
@Yik_trade @Lv224 @arulius_maximus

if someone quit bidding please let me know, so i can contract it to winner

contract up for 24 hours


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