WTS Revenant bpc

(Marie Roth) #1

Location: highsec, not near jita

Start bid: 105 b
Buyout: 120 b

expired at 2019/06/13 0:00 ET.

(jarack) #2


(Taraas Enko) #3


(Marie Roth) #4

last bump, 19 hours left.

(Marie Roth) #5

Taraas enko wins the auction.

contract up.

(Taraas Enko) #6

I no longer need this I bought one 7 days ago for 90 bil

(Marie Roth) #7

okay. got it.

will contract to another player. thank you.

(Alec Niminen) #8

Still for sale?

(Dazzak) #9

this still for sale