Sold. Not to any of the lowballers in this thread, mind you.

something tells me you’re gonna have “NoLak” selling it for 120b ayyyyyyyyyy


Because you are so overpriced I’ll start with 50b.

This is a Revenant BPC, not a Leviathan.

I bought a Revenant hull for 110 bil it cost about 15 bil to build the ship so you’d be better of buying two leviathans

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People are selling finished hulls for 125b with rigs…

You’re welcome to make a counter-offer :smiley:

why not 70b

Because it’s not a fitted Avatar.

rev bpc’s are generall going around 90-100b right now. its insanely high… i bought one about 6 months ago for 60b and that was even a bit high for the time… but thats what they are going for.

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I have access to the spreadsheet for last sales for BPCs. They last 5 have sold in the 100 to 120b isk range.

People are welcome to make reasonable counter offers. BPC is located in a non-hub Hi-sec to make importing to your nullsec region of choice easier.

Price dropped to 110b.

I will buy it at 100b. And I am looking to buy 5 bpc. If you agree, you can straight contract to this chatracter.

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