WTS Revenant hull ---- SOLD -----

WTS REVENANT hull built by Brave dudes, including me. Second Revenant built by Brave Collective. Due to BPC cost in auction the minimum bid is 115bil isk. Delivery to any highway LEGACY keepstar.

Let me know here or ingame (Yondu Quill) and get your newbro faction super.

Why don’t you sell it on legacy forums if you only sell it to them ?


it is being advertised there as well, and because we want to hit wider legacy audience who is not on those forums

Why don’t you only advertise on your closed platform? clearly you are trying to scam people.

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how so? contract is clearly writen for Legacy highway Keepstars, 115bil isk against ship hull, if you are not interested, bugger off. no lowsec keepstar, no npc station, just oficial legacy dockable highway keep


contract in progress, hull reserved

100b offer

Hull is in process of delivery to customer, 115bil. if he does not pick it up in 7 days, then i will repost or update the WTS, if it is sold i will update as well.
Thanks for patience and interest


wtb Revenant

Sorry, this one got sold, when we get hands on new bpc, we will advertise here again.
Mighty Atron Shipworks thanks for successful sell. 7o for now

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