WTS Revenant Hull SOLD

Revenant Hull

located in Aunenen Keepstar

Bid starting at 120b

Feel free to mail me or post offers below

120b offer

Current highest bid is 133b

So up to the top we go

135b bid

Current Highest Bid is 135b

Still available

80b, just in case if those bids are fakes

My bid is real.

105 in case all the above bids are your alts.

All above bids are from legit buyers

Current Highest Bid is 140b from a private mail

Confirmed, The bid is mine.

ok then 155 is my absolute max.

I luv2club aswell man,

all yours, for now.
Will have to make more isk appear first.

Top Bid at 155b

still available

200b bidf

Above bidder has retracted his bid as per in game mail. Current highest bid is bid 155b

160b offer also sent in game

  1. really is my highest.

Current highest bid remains at 165b unless he retracts the bid.

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putting OP out of his misery here and retracting my ‘bids’.

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