(Xerzes) #1


(Mii Lady) #2

and what was previous?

(Lyro Chastot) #3

30 gold

(CJ Agnon) #4

There’s one having a hard time selling at 200, and 180, so ill do 130.

(Kurvorao) #5

Last one sold for 190

(Predvodnica LSG) #6

PA is coming, forget that price, you will sell it for penauts at the end of the day

(Xerzes) #7

you’re reading too much reddit, also bump (had some mails, replied to two, another one was a “known” scammer… smh…)

(CJ Agnon) #8

ill do 150 price is available for whenever you need it. money in hand

(RTSAvalanche) #9

Mine might have been the most recently sold…

Caedes + 90b

so roughly 200b

(Xerzes) #10

CJ’s “offer” went up even when ignored… huh. Another mail replied to.

(Angelina Smart) #11

I can do 185b. Serious offer.

(Xerzes) #12

Bump, mail replied to Angelina.

(CJ Agnon) #13

? What? Just saying if you need it I got money in hand.

(Xerzes) #14

I dunno why you bother posting, I don’t need ISK I just don’t want a Vangel anymore. You’re pathetically lowballing and posting on eve forums to stroke your ego.

(CJ Agnon) #15

It’s ok bb, like I said, 150 if you need it hmu.

(Xerzes) #16

Another bump another mail replied to. Not in a rush to sell @TEST man.

(Snedige Rekel) #17

175 billion

(Xerzes) #18

Just moved it to 1j from Jita so it’s more convenient for people. Bump.

(Xerzes) #19


(Xerzes) #20

Evening bump