and what was previous?

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30 gold

There’s one having a hard time selling at 200, and 180, so ill do 130.

Last one sold for 190

PA is coming, forget that price, you will sell it for penauts at the end of the day

you’re reading too much reddit, also bump (had some mails, replied to two, another one was a “known” scammer… smh…)

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ill do 150 price is available for whenever you need it. money in hand

Mine might have been the most recently sold…

Caedes + 90b

so roughly 200b

CJ’s “offer” went up even when ignored… huh. Another mail replied to.

I can do 185b. Serious offer.

Bump, mail replied to Angelina.

? What? Just saying if you need it I got money in hand.

I dunno why you bother posting, I don’t need ISK I just don’t want a Vangel anymore. You’re pathetically lowballing and posting on eve forums to stroke your ego.

It’s ok bb, like I said, 150 if you need it hmu.

Another bump another mail replied to. Not in a rush to sell @TEST man.

175 billion

Just moved it to 1j from Jita so it’s more convenient for people. Bump.


Evening bump