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Location: Highsec Close to Jita
Price: 200b

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Lol nice flip on 140 bil purchase

I don’t know how y’all survive on such tight margins.

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150bil, so you still have some nice profit

150b is to low for now , but if u throw that Cormack DCU which you are selling on top of that you can have it :slight_smile:

Sorry to interject but what profit. 150b was the original price from the AT team that won, I saw it, you over a year late m8.

The cheap ones back in the days have sold for around a 100b a piece. The last few as far as my knowledge goes have sold for a little more than a 150b. Idk what OP bought his for but if I may believe Taraas it was for a 140.

I could trow in the DCU but I will pay a lot less isk than. Hit me up in game if you really interested in such a deal.

If I take the DCU its worse then raw isk but make me a offer thats good and I take ISK+DCU :slight_smile:

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Sold Closed

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