(Alpha Askiras) #1

closed i guess

(Investor Joe) #2

give you 16b for it

(Pils Vynneve) #3

So you just bought this for 15b and selling it now for 150b?

(slphy vansyl) #4

i offer 16.5, you make 1.5b profit now

(Investor Joe) #5

ill go 16.6

(Cassandra Jane) #6


(Sora Kasenumi) #7

1b and a rifter named freki

(Captain McDowell) #8

just so you are aware he paid 15b for it dont give him a gross amount of profit it for trying to flip it

(Acirimis Rockhound) #9


(Captain McDowell) #10

no i couldn’t give a ■■■■ just trying to protect Cassandras isk for her :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cloon McCloon) #11

Cassandra Jane joined forum just for that post… its clearly the Seller’s alt pulling shenanigans, you’re wasting your time.

(Captain McDowell) #12

well i feel played then! all good lets jsut stop bumping this dude :slight_smile:

(Zahara Cody) #13

So if you find a Picasso for $10 at a yard sale you aren’t entitled to sell it for what its really worth?

(Tiddle Jr) #14


(Zahara Cody) #15

Probably because only 5 people use that forum.

(Dart Lady) #16


(Alpha Askiras) #17


(Alpha Askiras) #18


(Admiral Mason) #19

Dummies in here expecting him to sell it for cheap because he bought it for cheap. What are YOU gonna do with it if he sells it for you for 20b?


(Tiddle Jr) #20

OMG we finally can stop holding our breath since you made a perfect nutshell opening.
Please buy the BPO now.